Sophie Lui Joins Gailus on Global’s News Hour


By Staff Global News   Sept. 1 2015
Residents of our province turn to Global BC every day to find out what’s happening at home and abroad and now B.C.’s number one newscast, the News Hour at 6 p.m., is adding a familiar face.

Joining award-winning anchor Chris Gailus is Sophie Lui, a well-known journalist and a much-loved co-anchor of the Morning News and backup anchor of the News Hour and Global National.

Chris and Sophie’s vast experience will provide in-depth context to the issues and events that affect viewers across B.C.

“This change will give us more flexibility to have our best-known, most experienced anchors on scene at major events and take the strength of the News Hour across multiple platforms by providing content for BC 1 and online,” says Jill Krop, News Director and Station Manager, Global BC. “With a passion for telling the stories that matter most in the community, Sophie Lui will make a great addition to News Hour alongside veteran anchor, Chris Gailus.”



“Sophie is one of the top journalists and best broadcasters in the country,” he says. “Terrific interview skills, great storyteller, a local’s perspective with a well-travelled world view. I have so much respect for her and I am thrilled she is joining the News Hour team. It makes a great news program even better.”

Sophie says she is excited to be joining Chris and the News Hour family.

“[Chris] is a top tier journalist and broadcaster, and I feel humbled and privileged to now have the opportunity to be a part of the newscast that [he] has helped shaped these past several years,” she says. “I can’t wait to work together on taking the News Hour into the future – continuing our tradition of broadcast excellence, not just at 6 p.m., but around the the clock, on television, online, and on mobile.”

But this isn’t the only exciting change to come!

In addition to the move to News Hour, Sophie Lui will also join Jay Durant as co-anchor of Global News at 11, formerly known as News Hour Final. The 35 minute newscast will be followed by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

“Jay and I have always had so much fun working together and I’m looking forward to putting on an informative, but edgy newscast that gets folks ready for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” says Sophie.

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Anne Drewa is moving into the role of Global BC‘s consumer reporter and will be a passionate advocate for consumer rights.

Morning News anchor Steve Darling will continue hosting the show as we search for a new co-host. He will be joined by a number of prominent guest hosts who will take a deeper dive into cultural and social issues until a permanent co-host is chosen.

Robin Stickley will continue to anchor the Early News at 5 p.m. but she will also be taking over anchor duties on the Noon News.

Lynn Colliar will be returning to the weekend shift to anchor the Saturday and Sunday Morning News and Noon News.


  1. “Residents of our province turn to Global BC every day to find out what’s happening”


    The hits just keep on coming!


  2. Love Global News!

    Some solid decisions made by Jill Krop. Hopefully she takes care of Randene, Leigh and Sam. They have all done a super job on Unfiltered. Hopefully Jill will find a great co-host for the weekday morning show.

  3. Now this makes perfect sense. When news of Sophie switching from mornings to late night, it sounded like a bit of come down, but now I see this union of her and Chris could very well work for Global. I’ve always enjoyed Sophie in the mornings in the mornings and believe its her who’s held the show together. It’s Ross MacLaughin who will be tugging at me to turn that dial, plus Mike McCardell and ….

  4. Good for Sophie but like Leigh so much better on the weekends,Lynn is stiff and boring,thank god college football is back on Saturdays do not have to watch.

  5. Why look for a co-anchor for Darling? Get rid of him and put a new team together. The talent is in the Global family and Darling can get back to sports. Congrats to Sophie.

  6. Glad to see a co-anchor for Chris Gailus. I have never cared for him, he has zero personality and has always come off as aloof. Without a script he is lost. Bringing Robyn Stickley back as an anchor was a huge mistake, she is terrible, she should stay out reporting. Sophie is great, might even get me back to watching the news on TV.

  7. Global has been through the same mundane exercise as NW. Shifting the decks with the same old same old. It’s not the people it’s the programming…. sucks .. all puff and fillers. After the first 10 minutes you’ve got everything current the rest is a rehash.

  8. It’s obviously personal preference in broadcasters you like and those you don’t. Can’t disagree more with Chris. In my opinion Robin is one of the best they have. She should be the one joining Gailus to try and shore up the ratings.

    Anyway, I know it’s all in fashion to crap all over CKNW these days but really they just open themselves up for it. Listened to some of the new Linda Steele Show and like what I hear BUT
    who is this new bloke reading the news? He sounds like he’s trying his best old BBC newsreel type delivery. Absolutely horrid. Listening at 5 I half expected to hear him read out something about Winston Churchhill. Wtf CKNW?

  9. I enjoy….Steve Darling’s boring, insipid news delivery. It makes me feel so energized in the mornings that I never get up before 10 am.

    Lynn Collier’s cardboard like “on the air” stiffness is great, as well. Why not just put a photo cardboard of Lynn’s likeness on a chair and then, Lynn doesn’t even have to work that weekend.

    I savour Squire Barnes’s bitter cool-air drink, along with the hair-splitting, minutae, the whining and bitching over germs and other airborne microbes.

    Pretty soon, I’ll feel like headed to the nearest hospital emerg ward, after half an hour with the Squire.

    Makes me feel just great, like I have drunk from Indiana Jones’s water well of eternal youth.

    As far as awarding winning anchor Chris Gailus goes, lay on me that ear drum piercing, deep voice, night after night. After a few days of Chris, Squire, Steve and Lynn, I will be completely tone deaf, bored, and then, ready to cancel my tv subscription, and then, no need to switch to rival CTV, at all…

    Which leaves Sophie Lui and her professional, non annoying upbeat delivery. I think I will stay with Global after all.

  10. Said it before and will say it again, both ‘NW and Global have a massive infection of SHAWITIS. Moving the deck chairs doesn’t improve the view. I hope they keep Leigh K. on weekends or better yet have her replace S. Darling weekday mornings and then see if a co-anchor us required.
    Darling has obviously caught someone important “helping a sheep get thru a fence” When one looks at talent lost over the past five years you have to go mmmmmmmm!

  11. But, repeat, Steve Darling is obviously still here, so someone at the Shaw hq loves the dude. (doh)

    He is a credible , reliable and consistent read, and maybe they at Global need that

    Longevity in media is not based on actual job performance. or what you say at PSR. It depends on how well liked that you are.

    Obviously, Steve must be a “darling” to someone !

    Obviously, they have done market research on Steve that warrants him still there ?

    I say that Steve-o will be kept in the unimportant day time slot, since they have already changed half the line-up since 10 years ago,

    And if you keep fiddling with the line-up, over and over, you will be left with nothing but hamburger meat for ratings.

    You think it’s bad now, supposing no one tuned in to Global ?

  12. This just shows how lame media is in Vancouver!! No competition, partly because every one knows everyone in the media world. Husband/wife couples (or ex’s in some cases), best friends, or even classmates who have stayed in touch, working at opposing stations — so no need to criticize each other, or really try to be competitive….no, no, lets be friendly, and just share the same dribble and call it news. If one person leaves one station, they go to another in the same city. Both radio & TV….
    So why is everyone so surprised?? If Global fires one of them, or they leave on their own, you’ll just see them down the dial…
    Everything is all about what’s on twitter/social media — what happened to actually investigating a story? Or is that just so old fashioned journalism, that’s gone out of style?

  13. Sadly agree with ok’s comments about “brown nosing” and networking in the 21st century.

    There’s nothing wrong with brown nosing within the media. actually,

    When you go to BCIT, (I’ve been there, too?) too bad they don’t teach a course on how to social network and brown nose employers.

    Some are better than others at this essential skill.

    One of the best brown nosers and networkers of his era was none other than the legendary George Garrett. George “brown-nosed” with the best of them, kind of like the Denny Boyd of broadcast journalism.

    No one surpassed George, when it came to hob nobbing with the rich and powerful.

    But, guess what. George (whom I have met) was also a hard working, diligent, investigative reporter who used good old fashioned elbow grease and shoe leather to make his game work.

    Far too many of today’s young broadcast journalists are all piss and vinegar, but no glory ?

    Many of them are well educated, but are fucking lazy and expect the puck to come bounce to them, like a stay at home defenceman.

    To be successful in this game, you must dare to take the puck into the opposition’s zone, and go outside of your comfort zone.

    That may be the biggest complaint about broadcast journalism, today. Too much caution and not enough Bobby Orr type moves of brilliance?

  14. Sophie Lui is the new face of Global BC? This is Jill Krop’s master plan to fix the falling ratings? Popularity isn’t made by the amount of people on your Twitter account, that’s the only reason why I can see Global’s like for Lui. Global BC needs a cleansing to be relevant again.


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