Former party leader joins Newstalk 770



It was announced on the CHQR 770 website, the Calgary NewsTalk radio station has now hired Danielle Smith former leader of the Wildrose Party of Alberta. Smith had been on air trial for a few weeks this summer, no doubt testing the waters.

Ms Smith abandoned her party last December taking 8 other WRP MLA’s with her in crossing the floor of the Alberta legislature and joining the governing Progressive Conservatives under then Premier Jim Prentice, betraying almost 500,000 Albertans who voted for her and the other traitors in the provincial election of 2012.  Justice was served, first in her riding failing to get the PC nod, then when the May 5th election came the voters  turfed the other bums out.

Starting date is September 8, 2015.

 ‘Unite the right’ narrative a sleep-time aid for political has-beens

It’s like life imitating art.

And, as we all know, the art of popular culture is currently overrun with the shambling hordes of the undead. Reeking, rotting, torn clothes, mindless in their single-minded, tooth-clacking zeal.

And here comes another one — former Wildrose/Tory MLA Rob Anderson — who like fellow zombie Danielle Smith — just refuses to lay still in the grave he dug for himself.

Both of them starving for redemption in the public eye.

Which is kind of like a zombie hoping to outrun its own stink.

At least Anderson had the decency to disappear for a while.

Smith seemed to take a mere long weekend off before launching her crusade to stay in the public eye and to be forgiven for trying to destroy the government-in-waiting that was the Wildrose.

Read More from Today’s Calgary Sun HERE


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