KGO’s Ronn Owens Re-Hospitalized

Ronn Owens


August 11. 2015


KGO/San Francisco host Ronn Owens’ wife Jan Black reports that the veteran Bay Area talker hit a bump on his road to recovery from surgery he underwent last week, suffering a fall at his home that’s caused him to be re-hospitalized.

In a message posted today at Ronn’s Facebook page Black said, “Since Ronn has wanted to share his Parkinson’s journey with all of you, here’s an update on his condition. He was feeling light-headed yesterday and fell down the stairs at our home.

I took him back to the hospital, where they found that, luckily, he hadn’t dislodged the electrodes that were implanted in his brain during the Deep Brain Stimulation surgery last week. However, the fall caused him to develop a blood clot on the surface of the brain which is expected to dissolve without surgery or any other intervention in the next couple of days. In the meantime, they’re keeping him in the hospital.

His amazing neurosurgeon, Dr. Paul Larson, says it’s still possible that Ronn will be able to return to the show next Monday (8/17). Dr. Larson says none of this should impact the overall success of the Deep Brain Stimulation.”


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