Changes @Pattison’s up! in Edmonton. Jason Roberts let go



According to Jason Roberts facebook page, he was let go from up! 99.3 yesterday. No word about his co-host Kari Skelton who is out on maternity leave.



  1. One must keep in mind when a gig opens like with UP, the speculation begins. Of special note is whats happening with the Corey Kimm/Amy Amato scenario in Toronto. Both quit their gigs last week, yet/can’t announce where they will be going until next week. It’s interesting that Edmonton ‘is’ her home however they left Rawlco with a bad taste (NOW FM departure) but with the station now being owned by Pattison. Just sayin…

  2. I think it is disgusting how UP 99.3 treated Jason Roberts. Of course, Kari Skelton still has her job. Jason is one of the finest talents in Edmonton. I loved the morning show with Jason and Kari. I have tried to listen to the new show with Cory and Ami. I listen for a short while and then get turned away by crude and lewd remarks. The morning show is not at all what is used to be. Neither is the station. Little changes in the programming since they launched in October 2010. The music is so repetitive. I can only sum up this radio station in 1 world – B-O-R-I-N-G. Was a loyal listener and listen to it no more.

  3. I stopped listening after Jason was gone. Really never could stand Kari, but Jason was THE BEST. I keep waiting for him to pop up elsewhere – and unless it’s country or rap, I’ll be tuning in!

  4. I miss Jason Roberts and Kari. They had chemistry and interacted well with listeners. Speaking of listeners, when will management listen to their listeners about the awful weekday morning show. There is a reason Cory and Aimee were let go from their eastern show. I switched to Sonic.

  5. Although I did listen to Up before Cory and Amy, and I always liked the music Up plays….I quite like the couples dynamic, they are relatable to my age demographic and I had a chance to meet them in person this Christmas when they delivered a variety food platter I had won. They were very genuine and friendly.
    I will probably not stick around for the morning show if they change morning hosts again.
    I absolutely love crash and mars in the morning, I hate the music but stay for the morning show until I get to work and change to UP


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