How to hire radio talent by Mark Ramsay




By Mark Ramsay

July 10, 2015

This week I was called by a radio industry trade and asked an interesting question:

How should radio stations hire differently in this new age?

In other words, what qualifications should we be looking for in talent, programming, and sales that are different from today’s conventional qualifications?

This is a great question, so let me provide some answers. Today I’ll tackle how to hire radio talent. In a later post I’ll take on how to hire radio programmers and sellers.

First, let’s consider it a given that talent is hired in no small part for their ability to generate and grow traditional ratings because he or she actually possesses talent.

But what else? What are the hiring criteria that will be most valuable in the future?

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  1. If you ever wondered why there’s no one worth listening to anymore, read this article.

    The word is talent — you either have it or you don’t no matter how many twits follow you! Sheesh. What a maroon!


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