Hudson Mack Has Written a Book


 Hudson Mack: Unsinkable Anchor

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The personal and professional memoir of Vancouver Island media personality Hudson Mack.

The paperback will be published this October by Harbour Publishing, with a retail price of $24.95.

Book Description

For decades, Hudson Mack has been the face of television news on Vancouver Island. In 2004, when he “crossed the street” from CHEK to The New VI, it was an industry-wide sensation. As he recalls that life-changing event in this autobiography he admits he wasn’t sure where his new path might lead. CHEK was established, respected and popular in Victoria, but its senior management had passed Mack over for promotion to news director, more than once. The New VI was high-budget and original, but hadn’t exactly earned a reputation for professionalism, especially after one of its anchors dropped an F-bomb on the air. When New VI management offered Mack the chance to rebuild and lead its news department, he couldn’t resist the chance to rescue the floundering news program and signed on.

Ten years later, after revamping The New VI and leading it to success as A-Channel and then CTV, Mack left the station. “Time is right for a change,” he told dismayed viewers at the time. It was true; changes were happening, but there’s more to the story, and in Hudson Mack, the broadcast veteran reveals the rest of the truth.

And not just career-related truths. There’s more to Mack than what you see on TV, and in this memoir he shares his personal stories as well as his professional ones. He tours through some of the lighter moments of his life and career—for example, the day of the royal visit, when Prince Philip put Mack’s wife Patty in a very awkward position—but doesn’t balk at sharing the tragedies, and also tells of his older brother’s accidental shooting and the loss of his father and sister to cancer.

Honest, unabridged and told with true journalistic integrity, Hudson Mack is a fix for those who miss Mack appearing on their TVs for the nightly newscast, and explains why he no longer does, asor n


  1. Expect words of truth and integrity, love and enthusiasm. I haven’t read the text, but am happy I got to walk some of his journey. Looking forward to the book!

  2. Unsinkable? Sunk is far more accurate.
    Unfortunately despite repeated efforts to secure employment from whoever will take his phone calls, Mr. Mack has so far still been shunned from any media jobs. That’s likely the way it will remain within the BC marketplace. He may have better luck further beyond our provincial borders.

    The book should make for an interesting read but it is doubtful it will deliver the honest, unabridged truths he is promising. It is highly unlikely the book will contain anything that would dare tarnish the public’s view they have of the longstanding warm and charismatic man they watched on the news each night.

    Only those who worked for him at CHEK, then A Channel and CTV know the real Hudson, a man much different than that which was portrayed on television or in public appearances.

    The book is also unlikely to tell the real story of his departure from CTV Vancouver Island. Was he fired? Did he leave on his own? Disappearing overnight with no fanfare, no lengthy tributes is a clear indicator as to whether or not the departure was his choice.

    It should be a fun read, but truthful? Not likely.

  3. So FWT how do you know Hudson has even been looking for jobs in the media business? Seems like you have quite the ax to grind here. Were you looked over in the past for a promotion or something else by Hudson?

    Hudson is known as one of the good guys. Whatever did he do to deserve this smear by you on this forum?

  4. I agree with FWT – it’s highly unlikely that the truth of his CTV2 departure will told in this tome.
    As for media jobs, I thought I’d read somewhere that he’s taken a flack gig somewhere in Victoria.


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