Coincidence, Or Voltair?



July 9, 2015


In his latest Radio Insight blog post, researcher Richard Harker analyzes the recent ratings increases at a lot of iHeartMediastations.

“Rumor has it that the company has installed hundreds [of Voltair units] at its stations and continues to buy more as they become available,” he writes. “Because so many of the group’s stations are using Voltair, the company’s recent Nielsen performance serves as a useful metric to measure the impact of the box.”

So what did Harker find when analyzing the company’s ratings performance over the past year? “In May 2014 only 42% of iHeart stations were able to better their 2013 May numbers,” he reports.

“The percentage of improving stations reached 63% this May. That’s an increase of 50%. We’ve written often about how most months the ups and downs hover around 50%. In any given month you can expect half of stations will go up. The other half will go down.

For a large group to increase share at two-thirds of their stations over the same time period is unheard of.” Noting such a gain is pretty amazing all by itself, Harker goes on to note, “The details are even more striking.”

Read more HERE.


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