Roundhouse Radio 98.3 Vancouver Announces Senior News Team





June 29, 2015



Roundhouse Radio 98.3 Vancouver Announces Senior News Team


VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA- June 29, 2015 – Roundhouse Radio 98.3 proudly announces the signing of Kerry Marshall as News & Content Director, and Marcella Bernardo as Assistant News & Content Director.

Roundhouse Radio promises Vancouver residents a unique, hyper-local programming concept. Currently building studios in Railtown, the FM signal and digital platform will go live in the Fall of 2015.  With the announcements of Marshall and Bernardo, the station is poised to roll out their full roster of on-air hosts over the next month.

CEO Don Shafer:  “Roundhouse will be mostly talk, with just the right mix of music.  We intend to use radio to break down barriers and learn more about each other – neighbours, businesses and communities.  A strong content team, headed up by Kerry and Marcella, will be key to that.”

Kerry Marshall: Broadcaster, Journalist and News Director, Marshall brings over 40 years of radio experience to the Roundhouse team. He has been a staple of Vancouver’s radio scene for many years, most notably as a broadcaster with JACK FM and CFOX.

Marcella Bernardo:   Reporter, anchor and all-round news & music junkie since 1994, Bernardo spent most of her career in Vancouver.  An RTNDA Award winner, she’s worked at News1130, and for the past 11 years at CKNW.


Director of Programming Tracey Friesen “We’re thrilled to attract such notable broadcasters to the ever growing Roundhouse family.  Not only do they bring exceptional professional experience, but both Marcella and Kerry have heart.  They will ensure that the people of Vancouver have a platform to truly be heard.”


Roundhouse Radio 98.3 is a commercial station with a community focus, serving the needs of the people who live, work and play in the City of Vancouver. The Roundhouse difference is to provide a spotlight on an active citizenry: public debate, storytellinglive music, local arts and culture, community events, news and features focused on the City’s neighbourhoods. 


To learn more about Roundhouse Radio please visit 


Media Contact: Barb Snelgrove

Cell: 604-838-2272


  1. Not to crap on these two excellent broadcast professionals, but this is starting to sound like the Shore 104 experiment, 5 years later on a different format. An innovative approach with seasoned hosts, that just didn’t cut it. Too much money upfront. I hope I’m wrong but time will tell.

  2. Hope the signal comes in strong to Victoria.

    I’ve just about had it with the inane, time-wasting blather on CKNW between hosts and their gormless producers. (Today, for example, I had to give up waiting for Bob Addison to bring a Canucks update due to Sean Leslie’s meandering interruptions.)

    Kerry and Marcella are quality people. Good luck, ladies.

  3. I like what I’m seeing here, top notch people for sure. Glad to see Marcella landed somewhere decent, a first rate reporter. You should consider snagging Dave Gerry for feature stories. In any event, gives me an option to check out and perhaps finally cut ties with the horror show NW has become. Good luck!


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