Did Voltair Double Talk Show’s Ratings?




By Al Peterson

June 19, 2015

Veteran researcher Richard Harker — who has been carrying the torch to get broadcasters to urge Nielsen to respond to the alleged deficiencies in PPM the debate over Voltair has uncovered, says he’s just finished seeing how Voltair raised the ratings for a well-known national Talk host at one of that host’s affiliates.

“We’d prefer to look across stations, but only one station was willing to provide data,” says Harker . “Until Nielsen issues its own communique you can expect stations to remain extremely cautious about releasing ratings information or even admitting they’ve installed Voltair. We’re working with the few cooperative stations that have come forward with data.”

To determine the impact of Voltair on the unnamed talk show’s ratings, Harker Research compared listenership for two weeks in 2014 and the same two weeks in 2015.

So, what were the results from comparing random days and quarter-hour credit by PPM pre- and post-Voltair? “The show almost doubled its numbers,” reports Harker.

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