MAJOR Win for KiSS Victoria!


Our friends at KISS 103.1 in Victoria passed this unique and successful pr stunt along to us…. nice to play with your radio buddies across the street… getting down and dirty….

Let’s let Program Director Crash Davis take it from here…

There is a pedestrian overpass on the highway coming into town that thousands of eyes see every day, and we wanted to utilize that spot for an organic marketing campaign that we called “The Cassie Project”.

Last Tuesday, the first sign went up…

Two days later, sign #2…

At this point, there was LOTS of buzz – everyone wanted to know who Cassie was, and what this person did to her! It got on all the big local pages, and most of the stations in town were talking about it and posting on their FB pages.

This past Monday, this sign went up…

Clearly it was a response, and people went bonkers for it!!

This this morning, it was time for the reveal and payoff. This sign went up, and is still on the overpass…

That web site redirects to a page on our web site ( where we reveal that it was us. We have pictures, video, and also an entry for a weekend up island getaway to Ucluelet. That way if people were feeling slighted, we at least were appeasing them.

The response has been amazing! Here are a few of my favorite comments:

Amy Lou I specifically set my alarm for 8:30am after crash said you guys were going to be talking to Dan

Well done guys! I’m glad you’re rewarding our disappointment with a chance to win

Judith Hales Thivierge I so enjoy Kiss FM, Matt and Vanessa well done! This is the kind of radio station that is fun!

Just hoping we don’t get a visit from the Ministry of Transportation! J

Total cost? $93. SO proud of my team today!


Crash Davis

Program Director |KiSS 103.1 | Rogers Media Inc.
Cr*********@rc*.com | Office: (250) 414-4504 | Cell: (250) 508-8551 | | Twitter: @KiSS1031  Facebook




  1. That overpass on the Pat Bay Highway doesn’t seem stable. I walk over it quite often and get a shaking sensation on one particular section of the bridge.


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