Don Imus Leaving Fox Business Network


by Andrew Kirell,   April 27th, 2015



On Monday morning, Don Imus announced that he is leaving the Fox Business Network at the end of May. Wait, what? Yes buried in the 6 a.m. hour of his show he revealed that Imus in the Morning will go “off television” on May 29.

Media blog FTVLive reported the mystery tip while still wondering if it was true.

Well, we found the clip. “Why? I do not know,” Imus said. “One hundred times more people listen to the radio than listen to television,” he said, seemingly stabbing at his current TV network.

Imus is moving to Texas for the summer, to enable his teenaged son Wyatt to pursue his burgeoningl rodeo career.   Fox Business may be unwilling to pay for the remote origination and TV set necessary.   For 15 years the Imus show originated in the summer from his Ranch for Children with Cancer, and Fox Business was the third TV network to go along with that, after MSNBC and RFD.

Imus earlier said he couldn’t continue to broadcast from his New Mexico ranch, due to the higher elevation there combined wth his compromised breathing ability.

Imus says he will continue the radio show uninterrupted.   He is currently heard on WABC New York and some 40 other stations around the country.  Imus also frequently claims to be heard ‘around the world’ via Armed Forces Radio.



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