Jill Krop Appointed Station Manager/News Director at Global BC


by Charlie Smith, editor, Georgia Straight      April 9th, 2015 at 3:00 PM



  • As Global BC’s station manager and news director, Jill Krop is now one of B.C.’s most powerful news executives.

Veteran news anchor and TV host Jill Krop has been appointed news director and station manager at Global BC.

The Straight called the newsroom for details, but Krop wasn’t available for comment.

Krop, a graduate from the BCIT broadcast journalism program in the mid 1980s, launched her journalism career at CKPG in Prince George. She spent six years working in Halifax before being hired at CHEK TV in Victoria in 1994.

Three years later, Krop settled in at BCTV (now Global BC), where she hosts Unfiltered on BC 1.




Wikipedia offers the following biographical info for Jill Krop, who this year will be aged 52.

She was born in Edmonton, Alberta in 1963 and raised in British Columbia where she studied journalism at The British Columbia Institute of Technology and graduated with her BCIT Diploma of Technology in Broadcast Communications in 1986. She started her career at CKPG in Prince George, followed by a challenging year at CFRE in Regina.

Next was the move east to Atlantic Satellite Network in Halifax where she worked for six years, hosting everything from major newscasts to becoming one of the original anchors of the popular Breakfast Television. ASN awarded her a GOLD CANPRO* for her work.

In 1995, she returned to her home in British Columbia where she joined BCTV as a junior news anchor beginning with the Weekend Morning and Noon News. In September 2001, she took over the reins of News Hour Final, weeknights on Global BC, from Ted Chernecki who returned to reporting. Occasionally, she sub hosts for Global BC News Hour and Global National.

Currently, Jill Krop is the host of Unfiltered on BC1, and has quite regularly anchored the Early News (5 pm) following Deborra Hope’s retirement. Besides television, Jill works in radio as a relief talk show host on CKNW AM-980.

She has played small roles in television and film, usually as a TV reporter or news anchor. (Late 1990s to current)

Note: Wiki fails to mention Jill’s three years at CHEK, which Charlie Smith identified as 1994-97.


  1. Good for her. Hopefully one of her first moves will be getting rid of Keith Baldrey in the Victoria bureau. Global can do much, much better than his biased and lazy reporting.

  2. Excellent move for Global, big fan of Jill Krop, but, having concerns about the removal of local late night news from Kelowna.

    But, since I no longer have a tv connected to cable, and many people don’t have cable either, I guess that I will have to watch late night Global television while visiting London Drugs home electronics, or from the internet (f available). LOL

    So yep, Troy Reeb is right; the viewing habits of many tv viewers have changed greatly !

  3. Interesting to learn Jill was born the same year I was anchoring TV news at CKPG in Prince George. Interesting but sad for this writer who suddenly feels elderly.

    I’m hoping the new direction will eliminate the inane chatter by deskers between segments on the ‘casts.

    As for her film career…talk about type-casting! Not your fault, Jill.

    Congratulations on your appointment.

  4. As much as I respect Jill, and I do – this move bespeaks the economic pressures bearing down on “old Media”.
    This is a money move.

    I feel old, when I realize that Radio, my gig for so many years, is also getting hammered, in this generational shift. The Newspapers are also feeling the strain.

    It’s going to be interesting, and if I was in Media, I would be buffing the resume.


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