Michael Grey Out in New 710 ESPN Seattle Lineup


Michael Grey (pictured right on a happier day) has been turfed from his 10-12noon time slot, even though he was a major contributor to the station’s My Northwest website.

RADIO INK has details of the revised program lineup, which will feature NO solo sports talkers .. they’re all set to be two or three man shows.

KIRO/Seattle Debuts New Lineup


Chalk up another local Sports/Talk station adding more local programming. 710 ESPN Seattle revamps its weekday lineup with Justin Myers teaming with Gee Scott for the Justin & Gee Show at 10 a.m. Tom Wassell  moves from nights to join Bob Stelton and Dave “The Groz” Grosby for middays. Scott will continue to host The Barbershop with former Seahawk Marcus Trufant and ex-Husky running back Terry Hollimon in its new timeslot at 7 p.m.

Mike Salk, 710 ESPN Seattle program director and host, comments on the changes, “I’m thrilled to add Justin, Gee and Tom to our midday lineup. These changes only strengthen 710 ESPN Seattle as the destination for Seattle sports radio.”

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  1. The word on the street is that Grey was let go due to going over the line in joking about the new intern, or perhaps more.

  2. I have had a habit of turning off 710 every at 10 am so as to avoid listening to Mr. Gray’s show. Why someone who is working alone asks so many rhetorical questions is, to me an indication of someone too inexperienced to carry a broadcast on his own. This is a potentially great move for ESPN radio…

  3. Why did ESPN 710 have a two hour show? I listen to that station and found it odd that they didn’t extend the show an hour. At TSN 1040 in Vancouver, the hosts are on in four hour blocks which makes even more sense.

  4. Salk finally grows up and through a lot of voice coaching manages to lose that horrific lisp, becomes program manager, then feels the need to be overly critical of upcoming talent. Ridiculous. I listened to endured Salk slobbering over his microphone for years, now he plays the big man metaphorically only of course, and fires a good guy in Mike Grey. I’m switching away from 710 to 950.

  5. Grey was the best guy on sports radio. Brock and Salk are the worst. Grey was the only host who wasn’t a cookie cutter homer. Salk is at best an amateur. This is what happens when an era tire is the boss. Can’t stomach either Brock or Salk.

  6. This move sucks. The one sports radio person I related to the most….and the replacement show is so bad, dull, boring, bland I can’t even listen. I assume they are placeholders until an upgrade arrives.

  7. Putting tom “NASAL” wassell on the air is a mistake! He once said “I’m dynamic and I would like to branch out and test my talents in LA” Go, the sooner the better, I heard the’re auditioning for the Muppets. Your puppet could be an ignorant “NASAL” worm who wants to be a professional
    speaker but he can’t! He always has a headcold.

  8. Wassell has ruined the Bob & Groz Show. He throws in an opinion and when it gets too silly..the other 2 hosts just sit there and let him squirm under about 3 seconds of dead air. And the only reason I see for the Justin & Gee show is too try to add some supposed EDGE to the format. Its unlistenable after about 10 minutes. The best guy on their airwaves is Jim Moore..only due to the fact that he realizes that most of this is just silliness.Doesnt take himself too seriously…which is a good thing.

  9. I listen to Brock and Salk only. The rest of the line garbage. Wassell is actually decent . Enjoyed nightwatch. Groz and Danny are the absolute worst on air talents in all of radio.

  10. it doesn’t matter what we think Mike Salk will do what he wants. always has. HE is after all the one who has control over these things. i do miss Michael Grey. we all get dumped at it is not fair, but one thing i cannot take is Justin. his voice is awful and he is annoying.

  11. Funny how subjective we fans of 710 Sports are. I much prefer Justin on the Mariners pregame show. His voice is mature and authoritative compared to Wassell’s. Groz is unique, and the only one besides Brock with any feel for sports history in Seattle. Danny’s voice is annoying, but he knows his stuff from his years as a beat writer. I like all the guys on the station … and really don’t miss Michael all that much.

  12. You all are crazy Michael Grey sucks and he wasn’t funny even though he thought he was. Say what you want about Salk, at least he’s funny, and he has the best show. When Danny O’Neil replaced him it sucked. Danny is a waste too. Fire his annoying ass! Wassel is even funnier than him!

  13. Salk is just unbearable. His opinions are formed based on what would be most maddening to the listener. He once made fun of an Arizona talk show host that said he had a bit of “shock jock” in him, and it’s the absolute truth. Second worst is Dave Grosby. Why does he even have a job there?

    The best show is EASILY Danny, Dave and Moore (with Jessamyn). It’s not even close.

  14. I don’t listen to 710 ESPN at all anymore. I hope they gave Michael Grey a Greyhound bus ticket back to Michigan where he can do the morning drive for Bay City. He’s a jerk. The next best thing they can do fire Jessamyn McIntyre. Let the east coast (lowercase intentional) people go back there where people are so “smart.” Whatever. Grey won’t be missed at all and anybody taking over his slot will be an improvement.

  15. Les, this news is from March 3rd. I don’t know why you have a mad on for Jessamyn, since she is a producer and maybe utters 15 words a week on air. Michael Grey’ IS back doing mornings in Michigan, and his local replacements have been in place for at least 4 months now, giving the whole immediate Pacific Northwest plenty of opportunity to weigh in on their perceived unsuitability.
    It isn’t an easy job, talking sports in Seattle outside of the NFL season, and considering how badly the Mariners have performed I don’t know how 710 ESPN’s ratings have been on the rise this spring and summer. An out-of-date post like yours speaks to how unreasonable the unwashed can be at times.

  16. Brock and Salk are ok……..but as soon as 10:00 rolls around I unplug.

    Justin is awesome at repeating what as said on the previous show and Gee is a male version of Oprah. He says everything twice…….he says everything twice…….make your dang point and move on.

    The best show is EASILY Danny, Dave and Moore (with Jessamyn). It’s not even close.

  17. YES! I REALIZE IT’S MARCH 2, 2016…wayyyyyy beyond the whole Michael Grey removal era…now we are at the removal era of Grey’s replacement…so long Justin and Gee…Hello John Clayton. Now i’ll try to be as brief as possible although reading everybody’s comments above this will be tough.

    710ESPN first off, IMO trumps 950KJR big time. The daily lineup is much more relatable and easy, fun, and entertaining listening. I credit Brock/Salk for getting me into listening to sports talk daily. They’re top notch. I would however agree with a few above that the Danny, Dave and Moore is the best show of the day.

    I would have to disagree with the above comments on Micahel Grey and both of his replacements. As I honestly and genuinely enjoyed both shows. I’ll give the slight edge to Michael Grey over Justin and Gee due to experience and Michael Grey’s more objective and realistic outlook on Seattle sports. I thought he was very intelligent and backed his points with very good and hard to argue support/evidence, what have you.

    Justin and Gee were both rookies in the business and sometimes it showed, more so with Gee, they both had ups and downs, sure. Overall though the show was fun and easy listening with very little dislike.

    Despite Groz being my least favorite host of the 710ESPN daily cast, his show is still very good and I really like the addition of Tommy W because he deserves to be on air and brings a much needed spark to Bob and Groz and I believe their show is also done well despite it being my least favorite of the shows in the daily lineup.

    All in all the whole cast and crew is pretty darn good and I completely don’t understand any reason why anybody can have such passionate distaste for anybody or any show in particular in the 710 lineup. Particularly when compared to 950 where on that side of the dial I find those guys to be average to slightly above average hosts at best, and lack the spark and flare that I love in the 710 crew. I always will and always do have my radio set to 710 and don’t see any reason that will change any time soon. Looking forward to hearing Johnny Clayton everyday for two hours, that’s a true pacific northwest treat and special right there. We must not take for granted. Cheers my friends.


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