AM/FM “Overwhelmingly” Preferred In-Car


March the 3rd, 2015

In a bit of good news for broadcast radio operators, a new study conducted by research firm Ipsos for iHeartMedia concludes that AM/FM radio remains the overwhelmingly preferred audio entertainment option in the car.

While consumers use new streaming services, virtually all consumers (99%) are comfortable with the current AM/FM in-car radio operation.

And 91% of consumers say they prefer physical AM/FM radio buttons and controls built into the car dashboard, rather than AM/FM being an app that appears in the car’s electronic interface, with only 9% saying they would want it changed into a dashboard app..

An additional finding — one that many may find surprising — was that while AM/FM radio remains paramount in the car, consumers use their in-car CD player three and a half times as much as they use any digital music service.

“Overall, this study makes it clear that in spite of consumers’ love of apps and new digital products, they have a great attachment to their AM/FM radio and an overwhelming desire to keep its operation and function as it is,” said Thomas Spinelli, Vice President of Ipsos MediaCT.

“This study shows that the consumer isn’t replacing existing services and products with new ones; instead, they want them all — with a number of choices at any given time.” Conducted in January 2015, the study was based on a nationally representative sample of 1,036 adults 18-plus. 



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