Moving on up thru Vista Radio with Cody Malbeuf


Cody Malbeuf behind the mic at Port 1240 AM in Port Hardy


His name is Cody Malbeuf and he’s one of those up and rising stars in the industry we don’t hear too much about, primarily because those like Cody are working in smaller markets. Cody graduated from the radio program at NAIT and was brought on board by then PD Justin DrexWilcomes of Vista Radio in Courtenay on Vancouver Island to intern at 98.9 GOAT in Courtenay back when it was the Jet.

After the Jet, he landed a summer gig with Vista at 99.7 the River in Campbell River doing middays and production.  He then moved to Vista’s northern Vancouver Island station in Port Hardy Port 1240AM where he did mornings, sports, production and everything else with the station being a  one man show and operation. Having put in a year in this remote area of the island, his next trade up within the company was to the GOAT in Williams Lake. He’d only been there a few months when this opportunity to put on his cowboy boots and hat and dawn the  mornings in Bonnyville, Alberta on Country 99 

The 21 year old’s first day in the building will be March 16th.







  1. Doing time at CFNI in Port hardy is one of the loneliest jobs in Canadian radio, you’re generally young, up there by yourself doing mornings, but also some sales calls, plus any cleaning at the station. It’s a one man radio town that one. But a great way to get into the industry, because it’s basically yours to play radio with for as long as you like. Congrats on the new job Cody, well deserved!

  2. Congratulations dude!

    Cody is one of those real “good guys” in radio, really fun to be around and always up for a laugh.

    You’re gonna kill it, man!


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