EDMONTON Radio Ratings PPM’s… Sept 1st – Nov. 30th 2014


PPM Top-line Radio Statistics
Edmonton CTRL
Survey period: Radio Meter 2014/15 – September 1, 2014 – November 30, 2014
Demographic: A2+
Daypart: Monday to Sunday 2am-2am
Geography: Edmonton CTRL

Station         Format       Share      Cume Daily      Cume       Trend

CKNO             NOW          13.7          1,025.8            216.0          -0.1
CBX             RadioOne     10.0             411.2             110.7         +2.4
CHED         NewsTalk        9.4             563.7            1 27.6         +0.8
CKRA         Capital               8.1              952.2            132.0          +1.0
CISN           Country            6.1              839.4            107.4          -1.5
CFCW         Country          5.8               262.9              53.4          +0.1
CIRK              K-97                5.3               671.2              96.2           -0.9
CIUP               up!                  5.2               943.4            126.4          -1.0
CKNG           Fresh              4.5               945.3            127.7          n/c
CHDI            Sonic                4.3               762.0            115.6         -1.0
CHBN          Bounce           4.1               932.3            139.3        +0.2
CFMG           Virgin             4.1               931.1            126.6         +0.1
CFBR            BEAR              3.9                617.0             84.4         -1.4
CJNW         HOT107        3.0               719.6              92.4          -0.3
CFRN            TSN                 2.7               211.9             38.5          +0.9
CKEA           CRUZ             2.0               706.3              57.1          -0.2
CHQT           News              1.0               243.6              28.0        +0.2
CBX FM       Radio2           0.7               214.3              21.6           n/c



Share: Within a central market area, the estimated total hours tuned to that station expressed as a percentage of total hours
tuned to Total Encoded Radio.

Cume (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the total number of people who were exposed to the stations for at least one minute during the analyzed period.

Average Daily Universe: The average daily universe for the analyzed period. The universe is expressed as daily averages because it changes slightly daily as the intab changes



  1. I believe the reason NOW is so popular is not just about the music, but the jocks talk and engage with their listeners very well. It’s beats the hell out of CHED. Maybe this is the way talk shows will eventually evolve. I’m sure this brings a smile to new owner Jim Pattison.

  2. I recently heard CFCW will be changing frequencies from 790am to 840am. My first thought, ‘disaster’, to the point once that happens, they will never see the consistent strong numbers 790 has brought them. It’s the old and so true saying, if it ain’t broke….

  3. I thought CFCW going from 790 to 840 was so it could improve its nighttime reception…

    So Freddie, I would say in this case “it is broke”.

  4. With this three way battle between the Bounce, Virgin and Hot, no doubt Harvard is banking on bringing in new PD Troy Scott. Is he the miracle man who’s going to finally bring the station and company out of the basement. I hope so for them. With regards to Harvards other Edmonton station, if I’ve said it once, I shall continue to say it. Its all about the music. Don’t jack around with it. Edmontonians obviously know what they like with the way Capital FM is maintaining high numbers. If I were Cruz, There has to be a message there.

  5. Major drop at The Bear is a surprise ! Agree with three way battle something has to give maybe a flip for one of them. Cruz has good music but some of the DJ’s are not engaging enough in the key slots.

  6. This doesn’t make sense look like some had better numbers than shown here? Too many stations playing the same songs these days! Capital FM and Cruz 95.7 have good variety and will make their way to the top, in time

  7. With all the CHR’s at the bottom, something has to give! My guess, HOT or CRUZ will have to look at a flip…but to what??

    LOVE the run CFCW is giving CISN. If you take a look back at the numbers since the firings in 2012, CISN has never recovered. Morning numbers are WAY down. And with CKRY sitting at #1 in Calgary, changes coming??

    As for NOW, job well done! Radio the way it’s supposed to be….FUN!!

  8. Having listened to McCord and Bradlee on Cruz fm in Edmonton this past week, I can’t believe what ‘inane’ conversation these guys belch out each morning. Who are these guys trying to serve or converse with? As for the music, omg, the md has absolutely no idea what they’re doing. I will say one good thing about Harvard Edmonton, you may have something in your new Hot PD Troy. For your sake, I hope so

  9. Waiting for the new ratings I think Now dropped and some of those in the basement moved up. Will be interesting to see what happened. New jocks on the Harvard stations are killing it so hopefully reflected in ratings.


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