The advent Calendar of Laughter by Donovan for December the 11th


By Donovan Tidesley

December the 11th

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Christmas at Ground Zero

I am sure that we all have an answer to this question. “Which celebrity would you most want to have dinner with”?  For some it’s a famous Hollywood star. Well this particular blind guy doesn’t watch many movies, so that’s out. Music idols are a close second, followed by disc jockies in a distant third-place.  For me, “Weird Al” Yankovic is the ultimate “dream” dinner guest.  I’ve admired him ever since age nine; even dressing up in full “Weird Al” regalia for a Grade 6 school project.  What can I say. The man was, and is still to this day, the epitome of satirical brilliance.  Each song is a kin to an onion, consisting of layer upon layer of humour. On this, 12/11, let’s take a listen to a jollily-distorted view of 9/11, long before that term meant anything more than an emergency phone call.


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