The advent Calendar of Laughter by Donovan for December the 9th


By Donovan Tildesley

December the 9th…..

Jimmy Kimmel as “Jiminem” with Stanley

You’ve gotta love it when a contemporary hit is morphed into a
Christmas parody. Such is the case with this gem from the year 2000.

Remember “Stan“, the Eminem song about a troubled teen who repeatedly writes to his favourite rapper, is ignored by said artist, and as a result drives his car off a bridge with his pregnant girlfriend in the trunk? Certainly paints a dark picture, doesn’t it? Well, Jimmy Kimmel turns the whole concept upside down, sprinkles it with some yuletide flavor, and produces a hilarious (if not questionably juvenile) result! I first heard this one on Vancouver’s former X-FM sometime before Christmas 2000, but never again since.



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