CNN’s ‘Crossfire’ is Toast … Again


EXCLUSIVE: Crossfire Begins Dumping Staff

by , 1:17 PM 09/16/2014

Is CNN new “Crossfire” leaving us so soon?

“My sources say Crossfire is toast,” a TV industry insider told The Mirror.

A publicist from CNN describes it like this: “The program is on extended hiatus.”

Most importantly, sources say staffers from “Crossfire” are being absorbed into “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.” In fact, CNN personnel from other shows are making room for staffers from “Crossfire.”

Behind the scenes, CNN is allegedly saying the show may make yet another comeback.

Quick question for CNN: If you no longer have a dedicated staff for a show, how is that still a show?

CNN’s “Crossfire” took an eight-year hiatus but resurfaced in September, 2013 with Newt Gingrich, S.E. CuppStephanie Cutter and Van Jones. But the show has never caught on. During the missing Malaysian airliner coverage, the program was routinely dropped for news for lengthy periods of time.

According to our insider, “CNN may try to spin this as Crossfire specials, but common sense dictates you don’t pull a show off the air for months at a time and pretend it’s still alive.”



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