Longtime 630 CHED Radio Newsman Ed Mason to retire


We received word earlier this morning from our friend Byron Christopher, telling us 630 CHED Newsman Ed Mason was about to retire.  Byron wrote a piece about Ed when he suffered a heart attack a few years ago, which you will be able to link to below.  Puget Sound Radio sent an email to CHED News Director Bob Layton requesting a copy of a memo he put out to staff this morning, and with Ed’s approval. Thanks to Ed and Bob Layton for sending.
here it is…

August 19, 2013

Hello all,

This is a memo I hoped I would never have to write. We are losing a most valuable and dependable member of our team, who, in all the years he has been here, has seldom failed to deliver a fresh story first thing in the morning, and another before his shift is over.

His ability to craft a sentence and deliver it for all it’s worth should be an inspiration to every broadcaster.

After more than 50 years behind the microphone, Ed Mason is retiring at the end of the month.

In Ed’s words:

I’ve been under doctor’s orders to reduce stress to lessen the risk of another heart attack. He suggested the competitive deadline nature of the news business is too stressful. I replied that I would take my chances.

 …but getting up at 1:30am every work day while struggling to cope with a personally devastating hearing loss and the resulting isolation I now feel can no longer be ignored. Although I believe I do my job very well, I have been considering a change for some time. After discussing options with Bob and Syd earlier this summer, my future path became clear.

 After almost 40-years of morning news in Edmonton and never driving to work in daylight, I still look forward to the challenges and excitement but as the long ago singer put it:

 it’s a long long time from May to December

but the days grow short when you reach September

and when the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame

one hasn’t got time for the waiting game.”

While I appreciate Ed’s situation, if we’re quoting songs, my heart goes to Tina Turner’s You’re Simply The Best. If we were still using typewriters, this memo might well have a tear stain at the bottom, but I know we all wish Ed a wonderful retirement.

Bob Layton

Puget Sound Radio Congratulates Ed for a great career in the industry and wish him all the best in his retirement.

Photos: Courtesy of Ted Wendland/RadioWest

Here’s the link to Byron’s story about Ed Mason’s Heart Attack   HERE


  1. When you think of old time journalists you think of scotch drinking, late night writing, crusty ole farts who knew everyone’s phone number and were respected enough to actually have news makers answer their calls. Ed Mason epitomizes what a newsman is. He is a respected legend in our town, a man who dug til the truth oozed out and then dug more to get the whole story. They’re aren’t many like him . He deserves every accolade ever thrown his way and more. We will not see his kind again soon.

  2. Early mid nineties I was doing mid-day work at CHQT. No better feeling than waiting for Ed to extro his news at 9:05 and intro me. How could you not feel “up” after coming on after that voice. And a true gentleman. Never worked with a more professional human being. Can’t say enough about Mr. Mason…..

  3. I had the privilege of working alongside Ed for 15 years in the CHQT newsroom, and I can honestly say that there is nobody that I have met in the 35 years I was in the business that taught me more than Uncle Eddie.
    Those early mornings when I would arrive at 5:30 and find that Ed had already completed half his shift and scored atleast one, sometimes more, scoops, the media junket to London, England, the goose hunting trip to Oyen in the ‘QT motor home, will be memories I will always cherish Ed.
    You’re starting a new chapter in your life now and as one who joined the retirement ranks a couple years ago, I can promise you, you will be busier than ever and loving every minute of it. Maybe now you can finally learn to appreciate the game of golf. LOL
    Good luck, my friend

  4. Congratulations, Ed, on a remarkable career! It’s refreshing to see in these tumultuous times in the industry that someone can actually RETIRE after more than half a century in the biz.
    Turn off the alarm clock and sleep in till 6 am!
    All the best, Ed.

  5. Ed,
    I have been listening to you on the radio since CHQT 1110 if not before. You always made my day with your broadcasting. I know you will enjoy your retirement but we (I ) will miss hearing your voice. All the best to you and your new life! All the best “Uncle Eddie”

  6. Ed ….

    Quite honestly, I did not believe that I would ever see this day .. and I am still not quite sure that I have read this post correctly.

    Ed was the one who called me in Kelowna in 1978 and asked whether I was still interested in moving to the frozen hinterlands of Alberta .. and I accepted .. and had then the chance to work alongside a wordsmith and instructor in many of the challenges of the English language .. as well as learning how to dig for a story that we knew was there .. and only hard effort was needed to uncover it. He also watched as I walked away from the industry itself not once .. but three times .. before I realized that it would be best for me to leave this line of work.

    Yet, Ed would remain .. and be a cornerstone .. to which a newsroom would anchor itself .. regardless of the tragedies which shook the newsroom itself .. or the surrounding community.
    Thanks for your patience, my friend, in teaching me many of the intricacies of journalism (much of which I thought I knew .. but most of which I needed more than a little refinement in).
    I truly hope that your days in the future will be an answer to your quest for some relaxation .. but as noted above, you will likely be busier than you have been in past .. although you will likely enjoy this in a much different way.

    ….. and this post may be the last time that you will ever say, “I was just wondering about you” as you watched me walk into the company of some great journalists …..

    Enjoy the comments within this thread; ~ you have certainly earned them .. and it was great being part of those times we worked together.

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