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Andrew Chang Replacing Gloria Macarenko as CBC Vancouver TV News Anchor


​Chang begins new role Labour Day; Macarenko to host CBC Radio One show and produce TV news profile

CBC News Posted: Jul 30, 2014 10:19 AM PT

CBC Vancouver is making changes to its local TV newscast, announcing today that Andrew Chang, who recently left the anchor desk at CBC News Montreal, will become the anchor of the supper hour broadcasts.

Chang has been with the CBC for 10 years, beginning as a staff reporter and video journalist covering both local and national breaking news. He was part of CBC’s broadcast team for Sochi 2014 and recently ​filled in ​host​ing​ CBC Radio One’s The Current.


CBC News anchor Andrew Chang, is moving to Vancouver to host the supper hour news broadcasts. He was part of CBC’s broadcast team for Sochi 2014 and recently ​filled in ​host​ing​ CBC Radio One’s The Current. (CBC)


​He​ left CBC News Montreal last May to go on paternity leave​, ​and ​says he’s ​ready for​ his new role.

“The team at CBC Vancouver has proven time and time again that they are the best at investigative and original journalism,” sa​id ​Chang.

“The radio and online offer is one of the strongest in the country and I am looking forward to being part of the team.”

In addition to hosting CBC News Vancouver ​on television​ beginning on Sept. 1, Chang will provide perspective on ​the top stories of​ ​the day on radio​,​ as well as write ​analysis pieces ​for​

“Andrew has a gift for interviewing and analysis. He can break down a story like few others can,” said Johnny Michel, senior managing director for CBC British Columbia and Alberta. “His passion for news ​,​ coupled with a strong technical background in editing, shooting and programming​,​ positions him perfectly for where the future of broadcasting is going – multiple skills in a multiplatform environment.”

Current ​television news ​host Gloria Macarenko will become the new host of CBC Radio One’s network show The Story From Here, ​which showcases​ stories and documentaries from across the country.

“This is an incredible time of change for the CBC and the industry in general,” sa​id​ Macarenko​.​ “I believe with every change comes opportunity. I look forward to adding radio to my role. ​”​

Macarenko will ​also ​continue to host the weekly current affairs television show, Our Vancouver,​ and ​will appear in​ a regular segment on CBC News Vancouver​ doing ​one-on-one interviews with a wide range of high​-​profile Vancouverites.


  1. Did anyone see Andrew in action at CBC Montreal during the recent provincial elections. Masterful and smooth, just like Johnny Michel said.

    I mean, Macarenko is a hard act to follow, but Andrew could pull it off…

  2. Gloria Macarenko going to radio?
    I am truly sad to hear about the change.
    Gloria IMO is the best local news anchor in
    the country! Losing her to radio is a shame.
    Her excellent speech and professional read
    are going to be missed in a land of cutiepies
    and incompetents. Gloria is National TV News
    calibre and I will truly miss her presence.
    I imagine what with all the cuts in TV
    radio is a good place to lie low.

  3. Anyone know if he is a local guy
    Must admit I prefer the broadcasters that have an understanding of the lower mainland.
    I find that some of the imports tend to dismiss the things I find important.
    Oh and they always mispronounce The Pattullo Bridge as Petula Bridge.

  4. And what about Lake Okanagan?? Very sorry to see Gloria departing…she was professional, knowledgeable, and best of all a local. Hope she is happy about the move.


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