Greg Beharrell is Now on The Fox


993-the-fox-7One of the quirkiest guys in Canadian radio hasn’t not only arrived here on the West Coast but he’s  already on the air and starting to create lots of controversy 

Greg Beharrell has now settled into his new home and surroundings at 99.3 the FOX doing PM Drive.

Greg’s last gig was  at 102.1 Edge in Toronto as part of the Morning show. He worked at the Edge for the past two years,  first on nights then moving to mornings with Dominik Diamond & Josie Dye. Previous to moving east Beharrell was a fixture at Calgary’s X929 for almost six years. Beharrell started his new 3-7 time slot in Vancouver on August 11th.

Listen to Greg’s show Live Online through link




  1. If you’ve listened to Greg Beharrell for any length of time (on either The Edge or X92.9), you’d understand that his personality / delivery is polarizing, you either get him or you don’t, there is no middle ground with the guy. While CFOX still has a command on the 18-34 males, there has been erosion, so is this a smart move for the station? The easy route would have been to get a clone of Todd Hancock and continue down the path of the boring same old same old. Putting somebody like Greg in drive is a gutsy move, as he’ll definitely shake both the station and the listeners up. We’ll just have to wait for the next few PPM cycles to see if management’s bet on him was the right one. Personally, I can’t stand Greg’s shtick, but I’m not in the demo CFOX cares about.

  2. Gregs shtick is odd and really weird. I always thought the fox was more about the music and the bands. Greg doesn’t seem to care about that part of the station. And he is also very monotone at times. I’m not bitter about not getting the position I didn’t apply to. I’m just bitter that they seem to be shifting there focus. They call themselves world famous but when you listen to KROQ in LA that station knows how to program a modern rock station. All the dj’s have personality and know the music and the genre quite well. I feel Greg is a late 20’s child. If you listen to his show you will understand why

  3. When I first heard this young man, I knew it was just a matter of time before he landed in the big markets, and sure enough, here he is. I recall he once posted demos of his work here on Puget Sound Radio a few years ago before leaving Calgary for TO.
    Kudos to The Fox for recognizing his talent. I believe Vancouver is ready for Greg Baharrell. We already know Greg is ready for Vancouver.

  4. I’m surprised Ronnie didn’t keep his Aussie pal, Drex on the afternoon drive. Best of luck to Greg, I believe he will bring a new energy to the Fox that is needed. Now just fix the bloody playlist, at times I can’t tell if I’m listening to the The Peak or The Fox.

  5. Actually, I quite enjoy the evenings… For now. And Ronnie isn’t my “pal” he’s my boss. and I Pre-date him in this building. BTW the Peak & the Fox are both rock stations in this market so there will always be cross over. Just like any Top 40/AC/Pop station/Classic rock/oldies/greatest hits/adult hits/ …so on and so on. So stop being such a little bitch. PS. Greg will be fantastic.

  6. Greg it is always important to check your privilege when commenting on a message board. I appreciate that about you.

  7. I have listened and I am thinking with the exception of Drex I’ll be listening to the Peak. Although I do wonder with the lack of on air staff at the Fox barely covering certain times Stone is going to be away for a week and I heard Drex is going to be off to Australia soon. So it will be interesting to hear how the on air staff sounds for a week or 2

  8. At 51 I am guessing I am not in the demo The Fox and Greg are after. I have listened to Greg on The Edge, thank god for the tuneinradio app. He is unique with a very different sense of humour and delivery. He most certainly won’t be for everyone. He isn’t your typical on air jock with that great deep voice and fantastic delivery who gives perfect time, temp and traffic on the whatever’s.

    Many on this site are always lamenting the fact that there is nothing new or unique out there. For me anyway Greg is unique and different and most certainly worth listening to. I get his sense of humour and really like what I hear. Whether the uptight “no fun city” types will feel the same is a big question mark at this point. Good luck Greg!

  9. What you mean Matt? Greg’s not 29?????? I must admit I listened one day and he sounded like 37 or 38 but I just thought it may of been lack of sleep or the beginning of a cold 😉

  10. Greg is going to be an AMAZING addition to The FOX.
    I compare Greg to the TV show ‘Arrested Development’. Only those who have that sharp, quick wit will be able to appreciate him. Bob Loblaw.

  11. I say good on Drex and the Beharral of Monkeys? for whatever they can bring to boring, predictable Vancouver radio.

    But, if the Baharral of Monkeys does not work, well, you can always bring that tired, sleepy drunk – McKinney – back to the Fox. (good luck with that !)

    Why not bring back Larry and Willy, too, at the same time, as Willy needs Larry apparently to remind Willy not to be so egotistical.

    However, I’d rather listen to a Beharral of monkeys, anyday ! LOL

  12. Greg’s wildly interesting and entertaining on the air. I’ll still miss Todd & Neil but am excited for Greg and what it’ll sound like mixed with O’Neil and the rest of the line up. Wishing him all success!!

  13. Yup, listened to him in Calgary….then in Toronto.. not a fan, but his ego will save him from all these comments I’m sure of it.

  14. Love the comment above about Greg being the Arrested Development of radio. That was perfect.

    Greg – we will sorely miss you here in Toronto, but best wishes are you take over the Canadian airwaves!!!

  15. Been bummed all day when I heard Greg was leaving TO. It was awesome having him around. I hope when the restraining orders are lifted he returns. Good luck Greg! Please continue singing songs about vacationing in Buffalo, they were mint!! You will be missed.

  16. Greg we will miss you on the Edge, some seem to be all down on your quirky humour, but we loved it and I’ll have to start tuning in The Fox online after Aug 11

  17. Good luck on your debut today, Greg!! I will miss you here in TO…you’re the only thing that made listening to Josie Dye “beharrell-able”!!!

  18. I am so sad to see Greg leave us in Toronto! I dont understand why….when he did evenings on the Edge they were the best ever! 🙁

  19. Been listening to Greg since he started here on The FOX and I LOVE him!!! His sense of humour has me laughing all the way home and the bits of info he has about artists and songs are great! Thanks for sharing TO 🙂

  20. It’s strange….I listen to 102.1 the Edge in Toronto on the regular. I didn’t really like his schtik very much, but then it kept growing on me, and growing on me….and finally just when I really started to like it, he left 🙁

    It’s a very dry, sarcastic….well I don’t even think you can call it sarcastic….just so blatantly cheesy humour. I kind of equate it to what Norm McDonald does.

    Ah well, enjoy Vancouver!

  21. I finally found some information as to where he went. I will miss Greg in Toronto, I hope vancouver listeners realize how lucky they are. All the best Greg, you were the highlight of my drive to work.

  22. I came back from vacation and Greg was gone 🙁

    It took a minute to get used his unique style and I am going to miss him. I echo Dave’s comments…where it not for Mel and Fred, I wouldn’t listen the edge anymore. You are indeed luck to have him Vancouver.

    Continued success Greg!

  23. They don’t appreciate you like we do Greg. Come back to Toronto, pleeeeaaase! There is nobody as funny or talented as you on the air in Ontario!!

  24. Seriously Greg, listen to Leanne…go back to Toronto. I get his “humor” just don’t like it. I’m guessing arount 80% of Fox listeners don’t care for him either. I give him 3 more months and he’ll be joining some kid Carson type radio station where the high majority of listeners are 12.

  25. Longtime (20+ year) Fox listener here. Less of a station snob than I was previously, switching between CFOX, The Peak and The Zone in Victoria throughout the day and as I drive.

    Gotta say, as awkward as his singing shtick is, I really enjoy Greg’s biting sense of humour and sarcasm. I can see how he’d probably be a bit of an adjustment for a large percentage of CFOX’s listeners, but to me he’s a breath of fresh air. As much as I’ll miss Neil and Todd, Greg is definitely worthy of the spot.

    Plus the moronic caller interludes are priceless (the girl suggesting all women get their prostates checked regularly was spectacular.) I haven’t laughed that hard at any radio show in years.

    Keep it up, Greg, just reign in the falsetto now and then. 🙂

  26. I can’t stand Greg on cfox. He comes across as an insulting arrogant condescending jerk. I tried and I really don’t find it in good taste at all. And I have a low tolerance for stupidity so you would think I might enjoy him. I have listened to the fix for several years and although ratings weren’t great I’m not confident his presence will help. I’m not so patiently waiting for cfox to find someone to fill the afternoon slot. You know it’s not good when I feel forced to change to a pop music station (the horrors!) to get away from his less than witty remarks.
    Before anyone makes comments to me regarding my opinion – no I couldn’t do “better” but that’s why I don’t have a career in radio.

  27. yay, Greg finally got fired. good riddance was a ballsy move for the afternoon drive.

    still miss neil a todd, Pam stevens is filling in till the new guy shows up- stupid, they should just give her the shift! she did such a good job with that time slot on shore

  28. Hey Tac,
    Greg DID NOT get fired. He was hired by San Francisco radio station LIVE 105 where he will be doing PM Drive. Obviously you did not appreciate his unique style and humour. I believe we’ll be hearing a lot more of Greg Beharrell as he fulfills his dream.

  29. Damn i liked Greg, people got so huffy puffy because he made fun of people.. I thought it was great, and when he picks up his guitar when someone asks for a request…. Classic!!! the guy had talent. You know know i DON’T miss? That jerk off Neil Morrison, can’t stand him. Makes sense he was a cyclist, can’t stand most of them. not all, there all good cyclist, i don’t just hate them cause they’re cyclist. Most of them are full of themselves,think they are better then you liberals, kinda like Morrison…
    Good Luck Greg!!!


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