Rock101 updates its look & sound


Rock 101 Vancouver has dropped the “Classic” moniker and gone with simply Rock 101. Also with the freshen up they have added a heap of 90’s tunes to the playlist.
Along with those changes rock 101 has also redesigned their logo, They’ve also gone with new imaging voice by Drake Donovan. The on air line up remains unchanged.




  1. Do you realize what you just said? Putting Fox and Fresh together in one sentence. I hope this means that will be the closest connection for Corus with regards to 99.3

    Ed note: The Branding ‘Fresh’ is owned by Corus Entertainment.

  2. The all Lawrence Welk format is where I’m working… sigh….

    WOrth a mention: my son found the remote for the radio in my SUV yesterday… he skipped through everything and left it (eventually) on Rock 101… must be doing something right.

  3. 100% Agree, Vancouver has the worst rock radio in the world. World Famous CFOX? What a joke. Just south of us, in Seattle, they know how to do Rock Radio. KISW is great, playlist wise. KNDD, as well. It would be nice CFOX became a true active rock station, I’m not going to hold my breath. As for Rock 101, not a fan of the new imaging or logo. Have they not seen the new Zed logo? Which is terrible as well. I’m still bitter they let go Graham Hatch.

    Overall, I’m not impressed with the Corus cluster in Vancouver. However, JRFM and Docc Andrews specifically, has won me over.

  4. JR is doing country the way true CHR should be done. Up tempo sound with strong personalities. Agree on the new Rock101 imaging. The repositioning towards “Greatest Hits” is definitely a reaction to the new LG.

  5. I can’t actually believe Rock 101 is reacting to LG 104. They didn’t react when fun-fm was on air. Now they are acting scared over a station that is so far poor sounding with poor rotation and no on air talent. Personally I did see this coming. ROCK 101 was in some trouble in terms of ratings from what I have heard. Something tells me we will see a few 2000’s tracks added then the fox will either jump to a different beat or freshen up. Either way there are more changes coming in the black tower of doom. If the fox goes you will see the peak really blossom into a true modern rock station. Right now Vancouver needs a shakeup. Jack is getting boring and almost predictable. With the change at Rock 101 and potential at the fox for a change I wouldn’t be surprised if Jack makes some moves to more or less pick a direction for there sound. I actually would love to see one of Rogers branded Rock xxx.x stations launch on 96.9. Rock 105.3 in medicine hat and other Alberta cities sounds good. I know I am rambling but I truly believe this is the start of more changes in local radio

  6. Wow, I am so disappointed! What the hell is going on in Vancouver. ALL the stations seem to suck, and all of them seem to try to be a bit of everything making this city sound like the boring city it truly is! Yet Seattle has many great stations, can’t Vancouver take a cue? The new ID guy sucks and the new logo looks like Zed for crap sakes! No imagination or creativity! I’ve listened to Rock 101 for a long time but this is just stupid. I suppose the music variety will be a bit better though. I’ll still only listen while in the car. At home its Shoutcast Radio.

  7. I don’t think CFMI is reacting to LG… This has been a long time coming. I did some listener music surveys a while back and I’m thinking that has more to do with it than LG… Just a thought.

  8. I agree with Fill In Guy. I see this as Corus seeing the same opportunity Newcap sees for a pure “classic hits” station in the market. 101 won’t be able to play Madonna or Michael Jackson, but they’ve got most of the rest of it covered and the advantage of already being a destination frequency. I don’t think it’s much of a stretch from what they were doing, but potentially gives them wider appeal. You have to ask, how much more growth potential was there for pure classic rock in 2014?

  9. I haven’t listened to ‘regular’ radio on a regular basis in years. I do check periodically to see what’s going on, and the answer is always the same: nothing. I also grow tired of the fact commercial radio stations in Vancouver get all the ear time and ink space. Non-commercial radio music programs at Vancouver Co-op Radio, CiTR and CJSF deserve some credit and attention as well. They are much more community-oriented and much more in touch with new music: locally, nationally and internationally. Just because they’re not slick radio stars, doesn’t mean they don’t provide a valuable service Vancouver radio. the fact they get the new music they do on the air with almost no resources is a marvel in itself. As far my regular listening goes, besides non-commercial stations in Vancouver, I also much prefer internet radio stations like BBC 6 Music and Seattle’s KEXP. They are far more informed about what’s really going on with new music than any of the commercial stations in Vancouver could even be, as they’re not weighed down by trivial, limited play-lists, and dictators from Toronto and California, who have long since lost their passion for music and their know how in educating the listeners about where music comes from. Ratings, corporate saturation and dumbed-down morning shows have taken away any chance of another commercial radio station offering programming that goes beyond the monotony that has existed since the demise of Coast 800 & 1040. A valued alternative to the same old, same old in Vancouver commercial radio. But since the demise of Coast, corporate heads, programmers and the like have absolutely no interest in offering anything vaguely like it. The Peak doesn’t cut it. I’d rather listen to BBC 6, thank you. Don’t get me started on Vancouver radio not coming anywhere near replacing such rare talents as JB Shayne, Doc Harris and Frosty Forst on the air. The new kids don’t cut it. They’re not allowed to do anything and it shows. Radio has to realize there’s more to their product than just ratings and following the bland beige of the corporate elite.

  10. The above poster hits the nail on the head. The biggest beef about commercial radio is the dullness or sameness of the on air personalities.

    What personality ? Many of you are good little corporate radio “blow job” artists, essentially regurgitating the same shit, over and over, and always willing to give management a good little b.j. when the need arises.

    In the good old days, if you were a mediocre, untalented, boring, radio hack, helped along by equally inept management, the public went along with your bullshit, since the internet wasn’t around yet and the only other competing medium was tv or porn movies.

    But now, if you truly “suck,” everyone will either ignore you or make fun of your boringness, since we have more choices. now, to amuse ourselves?

    Sometimes, Vancouver radio pops up in the most unlikely of places. I was in Summerland, a few weeks ago and. lo and behold, CFMI was being piped into the local SUBWAY restaurant while I had dinner there.

    The Sunday evening deejay that I heard was competent, but he wasn’t compelling enough to stick out from the crowd.

    I remember back in the 1980’s when Sundays on CFMI featuring a wide array of personalities. such as the Sunday night sex show with “Sue”, Dan Russell’s Sports Talk, (who I miss?) and the news readers also sounded very good, too, such as Jennifer Lo (now Mather) and hell, even the celebrated Lindon Soles once read the news on CFMI.

    In a city the size of Vancouver, you already have the personalities you need to make great radio work.

    You, the owner, need to hire the right people to make this fly. If after 30 years of BCIT grads, no singular talent has emerged, then bring back people like Frosty Forst and others out of retirement. since the business badly needs compelling, entertaining talent.

  11. My favourite Vancouver rock radio station is in Seattle, KEXP. There isn’t any music station in this city worth tuning into to. All the same music over and over. Different formats but the same failing formula. When will they learn?


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