Mel Kemmis Out, Paul Kaye In at Z95.3


z953The word on horseshoe way in Richmond is that Newcap’s recent hire Mel Kemmis was let go this morning, and replaced by AMP Calgary’s Paul Kaye. Paul is also National Director of Talent Development for Newcap Radio.


  1. I have heard some other things to note. Apparently Laurie Logan and Corey ashworth are pairing up again to work Tue afternoon drive on z95.3 and there will be a few other changes there plus I heard that lg 104.3 will be starting to roll out on air staff soon

  2. Perhaps the Newcap naysayers on here will see this as a step in the right direction. No dig on Mr. Kemmis, but Z95-3 reminds me of an old car with a new coat of paint. Hell even the imaging is a direct steel from Virgin! Everything the same right down to the sfx, aside from a new name. Mel may have been a better fit to rebuild 104.3.

  3. I was typing on a phone and I meant to say the afternoon drive on z95.3 about Corey and Laurie. From my understanding there is going to be a few new names added to the lineup and there are a few big names coming to LG and CISL. Newcap is wanting to make a few good changes to the Horseshoe way properties and make a big splash in the Vancouver market.

  4. I agree with the anonymous post about Z95 sounding like crap. I expected a great return to the Zed branding and it has left nothing but a bad taste as it sounds and looks like Virgin still. Drop the red logo first of all and go back to black like the original Zed. Get cooler jingles, and better imaging. Then hire some jocks who sound like pros. Until then, I’m not listening.

  5. Seen this type of thing happen so many times before. PD is tasked with implementing the necessary changes for a branding or format change and is then also shown the door once the heavy lifting is done. Worked with Mel years ago, he’s a genuinely nice guy who knows radio. Here’s hoping he won’t be on the sidelines for too long.


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