How technology killed the radio star


DJs’ decline

Eric Worden behind his morning show mic on 102.1 FM ‘The Tide’
(Photo: Courtesy L.Todd Spencer/The Virginia-Pilot)
By Clay Barbour
The Virginian-Pilot



The room doesn’t look much like a radio studio, but the man inside is clearly a disc jockey – disheveled sandy blond hair, a nondescript button-down oxford, shorts and white sneakers with athletic socks.

It’s the look of someone who doesn’t care about stock options or board meetings but could easily spend a half-hour debating the best cover of Sam & Dave’s “I Thank You.”

Eric Worden has worked 35 years in radio. It’s all he has known. He’s good at it. He has the pipes – and encyclopedic music knowledge – to entertain listeners for four hours a day.

Worden, 53, works the weekday morning drive on102.1 FM The Tide, a fairly new station that operates in the adult album alternative format. Worden’s show is something of a throwback, a program that allows him to play what he wants and talk music for more than the typical four minutes an hour.

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