Is LG73 Coming Back To Vancouver Radio?


LG73LogoSpeculation is rife that Newcap’s Shore 104.3 will flip to an Oldies/Classic Hits format with the news that CHHR will change it’s call letters to CHLG. The last we heard of the LG73 brand was back in 2001 before Corus started experimenting with it’s 730am frequency with a variety for formats including NW2, Mojo Radio and it’s current format All Traffic AM730.  The LG brand lives on in a loose fashion with internet broadcaster was registered on the 6th of May this year, along with . The .com version of the domain was registered by Newcap Radio on the same day as the .ca. The hot rumour doing the rounds is that a flip will happen Canada Day long weekend.


  1. Doubtful that it will happen Canada Day weekend.Shore fest is happening in August and is being heavily promoted.I say Labour Day weekend. LG95.3 sounds better than LG104.3.They should move Z to 104.3 and rebrand.Z died years ago. Start fresh on 104.3.

  2. I am assuming that Shore is changing in the next 24-48 hours. Sad to see the on air staff go but Pam and Sandra were really good talent at other stations but on Shore it seemed as if the creative license they used to hold was taken away. Maybe it was the uncertainty of the station and the future that caused them to not do as well. This station has a good playlist but the issue I had was the lack of on air staff. No on air staff after 7pm or on weekends. To have me as a listener I need to have on air staff until at least midnight and on weekends. I hope the new LG 104.3 has a better lineup of on air staff.

  3. Hope LG73 is returning. Dean, please head back into the head pronouceticator chair. Constable Bob? Broadcasting from the top of the Shangri – la tower its the LG morning Zoo!
    Hmmm might have to dig out an old cassette audition to send you.

  4. I want to vomit. Finally we experienced for a short three or so years a platform that celebrated the new, up and coming, NOW, and hidden talents. Again we lose this venue to more of the same old bull crap. There are already forty other stations playing this old junk. Where is Dan Mangan? Foster the People? Imagine Dragons? Jaysuz. This station no longer resides on my saved list. I have heard enough of the old bring back the new!

  5. A few years ago, I got really excited with the Shore 104, Roots, Rock and Rhythm idea. The sound was different than anything else, and had announcers that really KNEW the history of most of the songs they played. I advised many of my friends to listen. Then it changed, but left some of the sound I liked. But gone were the people who filled in the communicating part… Two days ago, l tuned in and thought it was a particular program of flashback music – and I liked it – as a program. But my station was gone! It’s been many years since I heard the phrase LG 73, so I thought I had the wrong station. Is it that there aren’t enough of us here in Vancouver that like blues, folk and the new music that has some of that sound? Bubble gum music seems to have a niche we cannot move away from!! Don’t know if I will continue… there is always the internet. the new FM band…

  6. Now have to change my pre-set button. Very disappointed of the change. Loved the Shore format. Best of luck to old staff.

  7. Whats going on here in Vancouver? The Shore WAS the best station in town when it was Roots Rock & Rythm with The Peak sitting in as a very close 2nd with its cool Alternative – then Astral bought the Shore and killed it – now as LG the station just plain sucks and we’ve got 2 QM FMs on the dial.

    To make it worse – The PEAK with is an Awesome Station just changed up its morning show put two of the lamest DJs in front of the morning mics -they have no chemistry and their commentary is just just plain irritating. James Sutton, Carly Waldie (SP) and the rest of The Peak Crew are awesome – but I the morning crew has got to go.

    In fact I only discovered the change in the Shore to LG a few moments ago because the Peaks Morning Show was SO Bad that I changed the dial to the Shore to finding something even worse. I’m now – like just changed frequencies back – to Rock 101.1 which I havent listend to for almost 3 years. Perhaps that was the conspired plan – to rebuild 101s listenership.

    Very Disappointed in Vancouver Radio – Hello 92.9 Bellingham

  8. I agree wholeheartedly with Holsen. I also gave up CFMI for Shore, loved hearing new music instead of Classic Rock all the time. Guess I’ll go back to that. What a shame!

  9. I enjoyed being able to flip between the The Peak and The Shore depending on what they’re were playing. I don’t believe the market needs another soft rock/oldies station. Time to move to satellite radio.

  10. Sad to see them go, only started listening about six months ago, after feeling like ‘The Peak’ was playing too much ‘pop’ music, although they, for the most part, had a good modern playlist.
    In turning fifty today I was finding the “Adult Alternative’ angle a good one, didn’t care too much for the morning show, (what’s their names) Junyor & Hatch?? Felt like they were trying too hard, and too much to be like larry and willy (where are THEY now anyways)
    About 2 weeks ago I found myself at good ol’ 99.3 the Fox in the mornings, and I must say, I find their playlist compares to the shore, worth a try for anyone tired of, what I consider to be satellite radio’s domain, the classics.

  11. OK – Vancouver now has the lamest radio in the country – just in time for summer. Do we have a bunch of old farts running the stations and the programming here or what?
    I think We need a station that plays roots, rock and rhythm and transitions to cool blues and jazz after 9pm.

  12. @Brian

    So what you’re saying is that you want a radio station in the market that rates poorly, and has next to no audience? Sounds like a winner!

  13. I agree with all these comments. WTF happened! Shore 104 was the best station in Vancouver – Bring the NEW stuff back.

  14. @Cam,

    I guess what I’m saying is the Vancouver market may not be sophisticated enough for finer music. The radio stations continue with the small town thinking of most of the ‘market’ decisions in the city.

  15. I was really shocked!! I put the radio on in my car on Friday June 20th, I thought they were playing all the old tunes for the Weekend!! a back to retro stuff, I was waiting for the alternative rock& then I figured out there was no D.J. really!! They could of let us know of there plan? I miss all the original “new” music. We already have this format like JACK!! back to jack & the PEAK!!

  16. What a waste of a place on the radio dial!!!!!!! Shore 104 was such a refreshing change from all of the oldies, classic rock crap that dominates Vancouver’s radio landscape. Too bad management / ownership of LG73 do not have the courage or the foresight to represent the up and coming talent of the music scene. Say goodbye to another listener, LG73. Say hello to a new listener, The PEAK!

  17. I hate the new format! I cannot even express in words how disappointed I was to have this cr*p on my radio. Honestly, do we not have enough oldies stations around???? WTF were you people thinking when you did this?? I am certain you are going to loose money on this venture because no one who listened to Shore is going to stick around, and the other, what, 3, 4 oldies/classics stations out there already have all the listeners who like that stuff.

  18. Yeah the shore was the best music station sad to hear the mindless influence that it changed to, my list is now 99.3, 101 and the peak. why do the good things always die young? people these days just don’t appreciate the blood and sweat that goes into good songs. If the lyrics and instrumentals go together and don’t talk about money or being rich I’m all in. The classics are great but new music that can contend with it is even better, COME BACK SHORE WE MISS YOU! I’m 25 and respect the heart and soul of shore Roots Rock & Rythm and need my fix…

  19. Ugh. Typical of Vancouver radio scene. Back to listening to CBC 1 and 2 in the car. Certainly nothing worthy on Vancouver Is.

  20. I agree with Laurie and all these comments. What happened! Shore 104 was the best station in Vancouver – Bring the NEW stuff back. LG stands for ‘Little Girls’ around here, and we are so past that. The Peak for me and mine!

  21. So sad. I loved Shore 104–and now we have ANOTHER radio station playing Elton John and Michael Jackson. Peak and Fox is it I guess. Classic is fine–but 101, 96.9 and now 104.3? Seriously? Please, please, change it back?

  22. So sad. I loved Shore 104–and now we have ANOTHER radio station playing Elton John and Michael Jackson. Peak and Fox is it I guess. Classic is fine–but 101, 96.9 and now 104.3? Seriously? Please, please, change it back?

  23. Cannot believe the Shore is gone. Hugely disappointed! Loved what they played – found it to be different from all the other “me too” stations in Vancouver. Can’t imagine why they thought that LG73 from like 1973 would be better or have a following. Hit the station 5 times today and had to move off it each time as could NOT stand what they were playing!!!!!!! This sucks!
    What can be done to get the Shore back? Bring it back please!!!!!!!

  24. Bring back the original ‘Shore 104’, Roots, Rock and Rhythm, now it’s ‘Bland 104’ playing the same-old-same-old middle-of-the-road music. Grow some balls and play what the listeners want to hear instead of what the sales department wants to hear.
    To quote something I read at – “Radio still provides you with the things you can’t get on your iPod (personality, locality, timeliness) but sadly the industry is no longer run by the programming department, but the sales department instead.”

  25. as someone else said elsewhere on this site:

    Better off to listen to CBC radio 2 mornings 6-9 or Drive 3:30 – 7:00 pm as Shore modeled it’s programming on these 2 shows. Also check out Randy Bachman vinyl tab and Geo. Strombo Sunday nights

  26. Brutal..finally a format that fits this market and a bunch old chumps ruin it by placing a dinosaur playlist that no one cares about. Wake up..if the programming doesn’t work then ask your true listeners to chime in and help fix the issues. Arbitrarily changing the format, name and crew is so disappointing, shame on the ownership group. If I wanted to listen to this crap I’d go to a rest home. You suck!

  27. Awesome, love the new format, can now remove all of my other radio buttons, as I wont be changing stations any time soon.

  28. Seriously, I’m 43 years old…. Air Supply has had it’s day. I don’t want a radio station that constantly brings me back to my childhood. My teenagers listen to all the pop stuff and it’s exhausting. Shore was a great adult alternative…. PLEASE bring it back!
    I’m all outta love, I’m so lost without you….

  29. Oh how time has changed all these comments and the actual events that have occurred. Sad. 2 AM freq’s gone and they could have done an LG73 format. RIP 1040/1410


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