Cam Carson Back On Air As Cubb Carson?


It looks like former Power 97 morning jock Cam Carson has resurfaced this time in Alberta and this time as Cubb Carson. Cam was released from Power 97 after an incident at a station sponsored event back in march. He’s the new morning host of Rock 97.9 Mornings in Fort McMurray.


ed: Cubb Carson should not be confused with the other Cub Carson from BOB FM in Ottawa,


  1. He used “Cubb Carson” at The Bear Edmonton 15 years ago in a role that evolved into what Yukon Jack does now. Well known in one part of the country means crap in another. You say Cubb Carson to someone in Edmonton and they don’t think Ottawa. Doubt listeners in Fort McMurray would either.

  2. I just listened to his morning show on 97.9 fort mcmurray.
    Boobs. Sex. Porn. Man parts. This guy is an idiot. I like sex and all the stuff that goes with it. But his one track mind broadcasting is too much. Somebody please lose a tire and let it hit this guy.

  3. Are you kidding? This guy was HUUUUGE when he was at the Bear in the early 2000s. Part of the reason that station was/has been so successful. He is one of the few remaining entertaining broadcasters. In fact most of the broadcasters at the bear have stolen his schtick.
    And you call him an idiot? Clearly you don’t know talent when you hear it. If you like basic intros and extros, cubb is not your guy.
    Welcome back Cubby!

  4. This guy is the original Cubb Carson , Dude. Look it up. He was Cubb long before the guy in Ottawa stole the name. When Cubb quit Edmonton, the guy in Ottawa stole his shtick, true. Besides, this Cubb is the one who has talent.

  5. Used to listen to him back when he was in Edmonton, now I am working here in Ft Mac and it is the same guy, better than that fool Brown they have in Edm now and his side kick and bimbo partners, better than that clown Forbes who used to be in Edm and Calgary, the only guy in the morning, in his league of funny is a guy used to be in Cal, before Forbes named Bob Steele. Steele and Carson funniest morning radio hosts I have ever heard.

  6. Back in the early days of 100.3, with Jake, Sled-dog, and Cubb. That was an entertaining radio show. Let’s just hope Cubb, no more makes any reference to the “Cleveland Steamer”

  7. When he was in Winnipeg he was cam Carson easily the funniest most full of life dj I ve ever started my day with…the man’s a born natural


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