CKRC 630 Aircheck 2


Another goody from Mark Summers and it’s allllllll Racoon! We head back to Winnipeg and CKRC with Rocky Racoon. From Winnipeg, Racoons next stop was on the west coast at 14 CFUN


  1. Best ‘check in this series, by far! Raccoon has found a happy medium between his frenetic high-energy screaming delivery and straight-ahead personality radio. Great phones!

  2. Winnipeg has always been an awesome radio town. Those long and extremely cold winters helped craft some of Canada’s best talent .

    During the mid 70’s, there was a great top 40 battle going on between CFRW and CKRC. CFRW had that perfectly tight CHUM sound (Drake) – where CKRC was re-imaging itself from the “Guys and Gals” days with a fun, loose, heavy promotion approach. (Q Format).

    Racoooon Carney stole the show at night with his great energy and quickly helped discard the early RC era. With #1 ratings, Rac worked hard at perfecting his act and went on to score huge in Vancouver on both CFUN and CKLG

  3. Hey I got your site from , my cool friend Donovan Tildsley. Cool site brings back great memories. I love to listen takes me back. I got a film I did in grade 11, I was 17, Woodstock and Easy Rider years. I’ll send you link form my facebook posting. 3 students at Garden City Collegiate, in Winnipeg were asked to present their ideas what students do in Winnipeg in cold January. I wasn’t aloud to show mine.

  4. Hey could somebody please say hi to Pat O’day for me. BTO had a great time with him on tour. Broke many attendance records in the North West. I’m getting all my film footage together from, BTO tours, from, 1974 to 2014. check them out. A lot of fun memories. Ken Kinnear, BTO manager Bruce Allen, Don Fox of Beaver Productions in New Orleans, Bob Seger………….on and on
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