Darryl Parks Reflects back on O.J. and what Talk Radio Forgot


Talk Radio Forgot What it Learned When O.J. Killed Two People


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20 years ago, on the night of June 17, 1994, my wife Kathie was flying to meet me in Buffalo.  After watching O.J. Simpson attempt his run for the border only to be met with cheering crowds on interstate overpasses and TV cameras bolted to helicopters, I sped to the airport, ran down to the gate (you could do that back then) and I yelled, “Come on.  Hurry.  O.J.’s trying to get away.”  Being on an airplane she had no idea what was going on.

OJ_TrialAs we headed to the parking lot, the dozens and dozens of cabs waiting for fares that muggy June night in Western New York had their radios blaring either WBEN or WGR55 as America joined together in this country’s first reality media show.  TV’s “Real World” on MTV, considered the first reality show, premiered two years prior.

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