630 CKRC Winnipeg Aircheck with Murray David Collins


Mark Summers Scores again with an aircheck from the late Murray David Collins on CKRC in Winnipeg. Mark tells us him an Murray, who he described as a fun and gracious man



  1. I had the honour of meeting Murray at CKDA in 1993. “Fun and gracious” is an apt description of the man. He let me come on-air with him, and later had me push the buttons in order to start the two carts for the newscast (one containing the sounder, the other Steve Duffy’s prerecorded newscast). Only problem, Murray had the wrong cart in the machine containing the top-hour jingle, so had to quikcly substitute for the right one!I came again to Victoria a year later, and Murray was gone from cKDA with no explanation. I’m not sure where his radio career took him prior to his untimely passing.

  2. I was deeply sad when I heard of his passing.
    1971 Murray was at CJGX in Yorkton…CKRC in Winnipeg in 74
    Murray moved on to CKRD in Red Deer for a few years…in 1980 at CJYR Edson
    also at CFCP in Courtenay.

  3. I used to live in Barrie Ontario and Murray David Collins worked at CKBB there. He was a very popular radio personality. So much more than a DJ. He had a catchphrase something like, -If you walk in love, you will find love. If you walk as a friend, you will find friends. He signed off with this phrase.


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