CHED Radio Aircheck 3


Another Mark Summers Presentation:

630 CHED air check from the late 70s with Wes Montgomery, Chuck Chandler, Keith James, J.R. Nicholls, Billy Williams and Rob Christie


  1. Having only heard Bob McCord airchecks from his “Weird Beard” days in Dallas, this was a real treat to hear! The bits somewhat remind me of Gary Burbank from WAKY Louisville. How come McCord was never on mornings?

  2. Bob would not get up that early. Also, had various business ventures (The Jean Joint with Wayne Overland from the Edmonton Journal) in Edmonton. Wasn’t strapped for cash. Then of course he kick started CISN where for a while he did do mornings till he got hold of Wes Montgomery. BTW Bob was/is American. Don’t know where he was when Jerry Forbes signed him up.


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