Steve Zimmerman Exits K-97 Morning crew


Word has it  Steve Zimmerman, part of the morning crew of K-97 in Edmonton has tendered his resignation

Steve Zimmerman Sings/Jokes for his Supper

from his facebook page, the following quote

“Well I guess the bag is out of the cat… on May 2nd, I resigned from Newcap Radio; I’m burnt out & 3:30AM just doesn’t work for me anymore. This was solely my decision, the radio station has been terrific through the whole process & I hold no ill will towards them or any of my former co-workers, I felt a move was necessary & I always embrace change. It’s been a great ride, but life’s too short not be happy in what you do. I plan to go back to the oil/gas, heavy equipment sector & look forward to things to come. I ask you not to post any disparaging comments about the station or anyone working there, offending remarks will be removed & offenders deleted. Thanks in advance for your well wishes, Erin & I will be just fine, & being a share holder in Newcap Radio, I actually DO wish them all the best in their future endeavours”…


  1. Sorry to see you go. I loved your absurd sense of humour. Won’t be the same without you but it’ll still good. Best of luck.

  2. Sorry to see you move on , you’ve been a huge part of the Show and you will be missed. and as already stated thanks foe the laughs . Best of luck .

  3. The Terry, Bill & Steve Show will be not be the same. BUT they will live on. All the best Steve, you will be missed, happy and save journeys ahead!

  4. Steve–you were the piece de resistance of the show. Your humour was second to none. You always gave me reason to listen but now that’s disappeared.
    I miss you already!

  5. I will miss your quick wit and humour. You always made me laugh out loud in the car going to work. Let me know when you need new batteries for those light up slippers. Ride safely this summer. Take care.

  6. Well the show just won’t be the same with out you, but your right life is too short. All the best Steve and thanks for making my mornings thus far a bit more bearable!!

  7. Steve, I was shocked when I heard the show was called “Terry Evans with Bill Cowen”, sorry to see you go. As previous messages I felt you were the show, your funny wit and humour made the show. All the best in the future. Best of luck,
    Take care, you will be missed, 🙂

  8. Well if that don’t beat all and nobody even said anything on air unless I missed that. I can hear in your voice somedays that u were tired. I am sure the boys are struggling without u there. Tha shoe is much different now

  9. Hey Steve dude! Bummer man! I guess I’ll just go back to listening to my camshaft in the mornings. I don’t know what I’ll do in the winter!
    Hopefully we’ll see you & Erin you out on the street. Good luck & take care bud! Nev.

  10. This is a huge loss to Edmonton radio. You are by far the funniest DJ this city had. I knew that years ago when you were on The Bear. You were asking for odd Christmas stories and I told you that my dog ate some tinsel off the tree and without hesitation you said I should shellac what I found in the yard and hang it on the tree and tell everyone ” my dog made that”. Priceless. All the best to you Steve.

  11. Steve , tried to listen to the show again this morning , but the three of you together worked well, now not so much .Really sorry to see you go all the best .

  12. You definitely made the show interesting. To be honest, I didn’t always enjoy your views, or jokes, and thought your persona was like Alex Burrows of your beloved Canucks…there to stir the pot. But you contributed to the show, made it interesting and kept me on my toes. Best of luck in your future endeavors. The show will not be the same now.

  13. I really only listened in the mornings when the 3 of you were together because then my day got off to a great start, you made me laugh every day. And yes, I did retell your story “can’t see shit without my glasses”. That one made me laugh out loud. You’re right, life is too short but many of the replies here are bang on as well, it’s not the same without you. Loved your humor, the north Ed stories and always wanted to win the back yard BBQ just to say “Steve Zimmerman was here”. Best of luck to you and your family. Cheers! I’ve officially changed my dial.

  14. Again, like many have already said, you will be missed. Personally I will miss you off the cuff humor. There is nobody quite like you out there for your outrageous comments that had us laughing out loud on the drives in to work.

  15. Steve
    We will miss you on the air
    We hope to see you and the wife at car shows
    Best of luck
    Jack and Wendy 38 Ford pick up

  16. No way… Man that’s too bad. Your hilarious to listen to. Well good for you to make change to be happier. Best of luck! Maybe we’ll meet out in the industry!

  17. Hey steve, sorry to hear you leaving.
    You are an absolute riot of of guy. The show won’t be the same without you.
    To me you were and always will be a world class shit disturber unlike any other.
    Telling it like it is. There’s just not enough of that in the world today.

    All the best to you and yours.
    Keep on truck’n, Brother.
    I’ll be doin’ the same.
    Peace out, Tom.

  18. You know you will be missed! you are a unique individual! I will miss your characteristically,individually rare sense of humour!Best of luck to you & yours!!! goofed luck to Erin….she may need it!!!!:-) Cheers!!!!! Mahalo for All the laughs over the ( many…. )years!

  19. Sorry to see that I won’t be hearing you in the mornings anymore. The banter between the 3 of you was unmatched. Hope all the best for you and your family. Take care.

  20. Damn….you had the balls to make a change, some of us should learn off that, Good on you. I will continue to listen as I have for 20+ years, but its just not the same, kind of like when you cant find your favorite pair of underwear, the new pair is just not the same. All the best to you.

  21. I hope you will make a guest appearance from time to time on the TB Show. You acted as though you were a bit player but were in fact the catalyst for the funny! You were the goop you put into the bondo to fix the wreck, ha ha.

  22. Well Steve I thought you were on holidays, but then I heard the name of the show and I thought WTF?! I’m sorry to see you go as I really did enjoy listening to you on my ride to work in the mornings. You’re sharp wit and riotous laugh will surely be missed. I too understand the need to do what’s best for you and your family. I wish you happiness and continued success. No doubt you ROCK, no matter what you do!

    Welcome back to Oil/Gas!

  23. I totally understand the need to experience new things in life…but you really kept the show together…just not the same….well wish you the best in your endeavours….guess I need to change than also…XM radio here I come….pop a cold brew this weekend Steve and enjoy the new life….

  24. I have been listening to K97…noticed you weren’t there and hoped you were just on holiday. Seemed like a really long holiday. So sad to see you actually left and were not on holidays. You were awesome.

  25. I haven’t listened for a while but heard the rumblings about you leaving. I turned the station on today and heard the new show title. Just doesn’t seem the same without the name Steve attaches to it and the witty banter from you is a bit weird not to hear any longer.
    Best of luck to you and Erin in the future.

  26. The show will never be the same. I have listened a few times since u have been gone, the boys are great but not has funny. All great things must come to an end.

  27. Hey Steve,
    Sorry to hear you’re gone, but I understand sometimes life calls for a change. You left me in stitches on many a ride into work in the morning and for that I thank you as starting the day with a laugh never hurts. The best to you and Erin and family and all the luck in the future.

  28. I enjoyed the return of the fab three, I too, will continue to listen to the fellows but your sense of humor made me chuckle every morning! I timed my day around Bill’s news and you taking the volleys Terry set up up for you to slam. All the best.

  29. Although I don’t get to listen to the morning show as often as I like, It stuck out like a sore thumb that you were not on it anymore.

    Good luck in your future!

  30. Steve, I will miss you big time. You made the show. It’s not the same, the guys try but the whole show was you, always was. I wish you and Erin the most awesome future. On with your next adventure.

  31. Steve was so hiliarious…..every morning on my way to work I would listen to K97, not the same without him……don’t listen anymore……..will be missed…..

  32. I truly miss your witty humor Steve as that was the reason I listened to K97. Thank you for all of your time with the station. Good luck to you and your family

  33. Mr.Zimmerman, you are greatly missed on the morning show, but to hear you went back to oil/gas and ESPECIALLY equipment, to me its an honor to hear youre serving your country, my country, our country. Like i said, you will missed by many, but in leau of that I highly applaud your movement back to the roots of Alberta. Thankyou for hours of entertainment on shitty mornings (most mornings are shitty) and for the days you 3 altogether made less miserable.

  34. Every single morning on my short drive to work I would laugh out loud at some point in my car. I just realized that I don’t anymore. It was obviously you Steve that was making me laugh every morning. Damn I miss that. So sorry to see you go. Thanks for the countless laughs over the years. Needless to say you are missed and will continue to be missed every morning. Good Luck!!!

  35. Wow good for you Steve!……will miss that sense of humor though :(…….good luck and all the best from the “horny” bike gal in the motorcycle course way back when lol


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