What happened to McBride’s CKPM?


What’s going on with Matthew McBride’s CKPM in Port Moody? This photo was shared with us Thursday night.
It seems Matthew may have been literally shown the door from his Port Moody Premises.

The CKPM stream on their website apparently stopped April 30th just before 11pm. McBride has been accused in the past of not paying his staff and service providers, and has had close to 300% turn over in staff at this station alone, not to mention the on-going issues with Long Beach Radio on Vancouver Island.

The mystery deepens even more when we discovered that Evan the morning announcer at the station hasn’t made a post on the stations facebook page in close to a week, when he usually is on top of the social media.

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  1. The station moved to a smaller office in same building unit number 6. Staff have not been paid in over six weeks, McBride is in hiding. What else is new……….

  2. No land line for close to 10 days and no Internet. No staff either. It looks like the station is being ‘run’ from Steveston. The owner has made the trip to Port Moody maybe 2 or 3 times in the last 5 or 6 weeks as he dodges employees asking for money or creditors.

  3. This guy had a wonderful opportunity to service the tri-cities. Especially with the Evergreen line construction. He could have come out with updates about that and the future of the tri cities. That area is growing rapidly and he should have grown with them. If he was worried about cost he could have gotten broadcasting students from BCIT to volunteer and get actual real works experience. Maybe give them creative license within reason to do what they want building up shows. Great way to build local talent.

  4. Let me just say that I have never met Matthew McBride, nor has anyone ever shown me proof that Mr. McBride has actually ripped off his staff or his creditors, either at CKPM or anywhere.

    All we hear are rumours and hearsay.

    Regarding the parade of alledged claims of unethical treatment (made by McBride) over the years (on this discussion forum and elsewhere) it must be noted that NONE of these claims have EVER been tested in a court of law or by any government agency.

    The only thing of a legal nature that I ever recall hearing, publicly, was about Mr. McBride being the victim of a vicious assault that took place, some years ago.

    Meanwhile, to all the former “abused” employees of Mr. McBride, please show us proof that Mr. McBride has actually ripped you off at CKPM. If he has, please provide us with a copy of your complaint with your local Employment Standards Branch or the B.C. Court registry file number.

    If you haven’t lodged a formal complaint, yet, why not ? That raises red flags, indeed.

    Until you do, why should anyone take your claims seriously.

    Regarding third party advice to Mr. McBride to staff his commercial radio station with volunteers, that opens up a real can of worms, in my view.

    If Mr. McBride really wanted to establish a true “community” radio station based in Port Moody and run by volunteers, why didn’t he apply for a community, “not for profit” radio station licence from the CRTC, right from the get go ?

    What I find most uncomfortable is the very unfair “trend” of businessmen applying for or running a CRTC licenced commercial radio station, under the disguise of a not for profit radio station model.


  5. As an ex employee of CKPM FM I can tell you everything is true. David Cannon, Laura Fraser, John Harper, and Evan Adams all parted ways from CKPM over outstanding wages. How about the 10 thousand dollar settlement with the tofino dj. Maybe ask one of them before you start posting ridiculous comments like the one before this one by horse with no name which is clearly a McBride supporter or even Matthew himself. Hurts my feelings when people try to say nothing happened to me….. I was misinformed, mis lead and taken advantage of and am currently owed over 3 thousand dollars. Yes federal labour is involved, but you can’t squeeze blood from a stone. Provide you with file numbers or court documents really? Who in the hell are you? I’ve already contacted the crtc, better business, the chamber of commerce and some of the sponsors. Now Some random a-hole demands to see a paper trail of private and sensitive information??? Dear horse with no name if you have something to say to me my email is sa************@ou*****.com stop posting garbage online, get your facts straight and shut your mouth.

    Ex employee of CKPM

  6. Dear horsewithnoname, with all due respect your post has more in common with horse manure than the truth which will eventually come out

  7. Gotta tell you HWNN, I think Random is right. You (whoever you are) really have scant right to demand documentation. I mean, where is your dog in this race?
    Did you work for Matt? Does he owe you any money? Did you underwrite his project?
    I hate to sound like a way-too-laizzes-faire capitalist, but didn’t these employees have contracts?
    And if not, why not?
    And if they did, aren’t there ample solutions thru the legal process?
    Just askin’. Even Mathew can fight a legal contract if there is one.
    Cavaet emptor, I say.

    From my jaundiced point of view by the way, Matt has done little that the upper-end corporate suits have not: that is: screwed their employees on the alter of cash flow and profit.
    Nothing new here that I can see after more than a half century of working in this encreasingly cutthroat biz.
    The populations of the “working” end of the b/cast biz is constantly devalued, while the level of high-end luxury cars in the parking lots increases. It has ceased to be a creative industry, and more of an industrial industry.
    Which is fine. I’m just gflad I ain’t in it anymore.
    I’m not an industrialist.

  8. Random:

    Once again, I am not Matthew Bride and I am certainly not his agent.

    I happen to manage a successful radio station (I am the General Manager and Program Director) and I hire only people of outstanding integrity. I train and supervise all departments, including on-air, news, sales, etc.

    To those who work with me, I am known as a fair but tough boss and I am generally respected.

    I have absolutely nothing to “prove” to anyone here at PSR and I could care less what others think of me.

    So, McBride owes you $ 3000.00.

    That’s about one months wages, right, or perhaps even 1 to 2 months wages, if you are fairly new to the business.

    It doesn’t matter.

    Can I ask you a question. Is your broadcasting career worth more than $ 3000.00.

    If you recently graduated from a recognized school of broadcasting, then you already have some 20 thousand or more dollars in student loans to pay off and therefore, 3 grand is a spit in the bucket.

    In most cases, a windfall of one to two months wages isn’t going to terribly impact your life, assuming you can collect on what is owing.

    I am not suggesting that you drop the wage complaint with McBride.

    Instead, if you are currently out of the business and, if you still believe in yourself, and if you still think that you got what it takes, you must move on from this unfortunate experience with McBride and cut your losses !

    I know very little about you, but you seem like a bitter, p*ssed off person and unless you let the matter go, you won’t find the right broadcasting gig that you want unless you change your attitude.

    Unfortunately, radio discussion forums are notorious lurking grounds for broken careers that went nowhere and the radio business tends to treat people, very badly, as we all know. On another note, did you do your research about McBride, prior to getting hired by him ?

    McBride never really had that good a reputation within the industry for running his stations, even well before he opened CKPM.

    Were you aware of that ?

    I am amazed why anyone would want to work for someone like McBride.

    – HWNN

    Why did you continue to work for an employer that did not pay you for one month.

    I would have quit in a real hurry, left the office key under the front door and left.

    In your rude post above, you ask “who the hell am I,” But since you now have effectively called me a liar, (i.e. accusing me of being Matthew McBride) why should I share any information with you ?

    I think that since Michael Easton recently revamped this site and is tryingto promote it in a positive manner, we at PSR should all try to self-police ourselves and keep to a minimum all fighting and petty personal attacks.

    My questions about McBride are still valid and they still remained unanswered.

    Regarding your alleged employment at CKPM, certainly you and your co-workers must have known that Matthew McBride was an employer of questionable reputation.

    Did you and the others who worked for him not do your research about McBride, prior to applying for work, there.

    I understand that the job market is tight out there. but throwing yourself at the first job opening is not always the best move.

    There are certain employers out there who, like McBride. don’t have very good reputation and therefore, it is pointless to work for people like him.

    You claim there has been only one “court settlement” (for 10 grand). THAT’S IT ?


  9. Airadio:

    Caveat emptor, indeed !

    Fortunately. the overall shape of the broadcast biz is always much better than what pundits say or believe on discussion forums.

    As previously stated, I have had no previous business affiliation with McBride. I have been ripped off for wages by media outlets. however.

    But, as you mentioned, some employers are sadly not much better than McBride when it comes to treating workers with respect and dignity.

    However, please don’t assume that we are all like McBride !

    However, for those of us who aspire to management roles, obviously we have to make a choice.

    We can choose the management style of a Matt McBride and screw people over at the soonest opportunity.

    Or, we can treat our staff like real human beings !

    The choice is ours !


  10. The internet and landline no longer work and the owners cell is out of service. And the stations website is down so another bill that hasn’t been paid. Wonder when the station goes dark. If this isn’t the worst managed station in history I don’t know what is. Thoughts anyone?

  11. Like HWNN I really know nothing about McBride and therefore shouldn’t comment about the man, however as it hasn’t stopped HWNN I will throw in my two cents.

    Could it be that McBride looked upon the awarding of these broadcast licenses as a big payday down the line?

    Get the thing going well enough that maybe one of the smaller players or even bigger players makes a bid to snap you up?

    Sheer speculation on my part. I don’t know the guy but also feel for those folks who fell under his spell.

    Some just want their foot in the door to the business. McBride apparently offered that opportunity. I don’t look down on those people or belittle them for making that move.

  12. All McBride is good at is convincing the CRTC to give him licenses but actually running radio stations not so much. He’ll make a tidy profit when he sells them to a real broadcaster.

  13. I keep hearing the old Vista Mann(s)/Edwards combo are/were trying to buy it. He may make a tidy profit (and a mockery of his name..what’s that worth?) but that doesn’t mean he’ll be selling to real broadcasters…Talk about out of the frying pan! If Mr. Easton is trying to positive up the site, he might want to start with HWNN. The same old know it all (and often as far off base as possible) attitude, with the same “A” hole slant on everything and every topic is the reason I barely come here any more.

  14. HI Annon, May 11, 2014 – 3:13 pm

    We let anyone comment on the posts we make, even if they’re acting like ass hats. It allows you to retort have your own say on what is going on. Yt’s best to take some of the comments with a grain of salt. And it’s always good to remember that opinions are like assholes…everybody has one.

    Dave – PSR Staff.

  15. I requested that HWNN message me directly and clearly he still felt the need to continue to post his comments on here. Just goes to show you what kind of people we have running stations in the lower mainland. Speculations and assuming accomplish nothing. Pointing out the obvious also a huge waste of time. Sitting comfortably at the top it’s easy to speculate on everyone else. Calling me rude for defending myself and the others affected by bad management. Get over yourself only weak small drivel people hide behind fake names. Psr knows exactly who I am and until legal matters are settled I don’t have to answer to you in any way shape or form. You want proof call federal labour and the CRTC yourself. For someone in charge you are pretty inept.

  16. I keep hearing the old Vista Mann(s)/Edwards combo are/were trying to buy it. He may make a tidy profit (and a mockery of his name..what’s that worth?) but that doesn’t mean he’ll be selling to real broadcasters…Talk about out of the frying pan! If Mr. Easton is trying to positive up the site, he might want to start with HWNN. The same old know it all (and often as far off base as possible) attitude, with the same “A” hole slant on everything and every topic is the reason I barely come here any more.

  17. That last lengthy post from HWNN screams McBride.

    Don’t think any recognized broadcast school is charging $20 K anymore. $2,500 / semester at BCIT as of 2011.

  18. I am a resident of Coquitlam and live not far from the office of CKPM. I used to drive past the station every day during course of business. What always baffled me was the total lack of promotion in the community I would see. Being just a hop, skip and jump from St. Johns, one might think a sandwich board on the sidewalk might be appropriate. Maybe the odd visit to a local mall, a community cruiser with radio station personalities visiting local businesses – and potential listeners. And for goodness sakes, why do we not hear CKPM being played in local businesses? It seems that this little station could have really come on strong and been a real force in the community – and that simply has not happened. And yes, unfortunately, where there is smoke, there is often fire – Mr. McBride has a reputation as a very sketchy employer. And it started almost from the get go with the afternoon guy, who left on less than pleasant terms and took his music with him. Too bad. I tried to listen but found nothing to my liking. I am back to podcasts and my music.

  19. Maybe we ought to tone down some of the rhetoric a tad here, especially the ad hominem remarks.
    Regardless of our personal opinions of Mr. McBride or any other businessperson and their business practices, we ARE talking “publishing” here after all, if you catch my drift.
    Just sayin’……

  20. HWNN. I was not calling anyone an A hole, specifically, nor was I “threatening” anyone by saying I don’t come here very often (who cares, anyway), although you talk so tough, I am surprised you took it so personally. I did say A hole slant or take on things, which you do, every time you post, or comment on anything. Devils Advocate, long time, big time Manager type “we can treat people good or bad, it’s up to us”, blah blah blah…so suck up the three grand kid, it’s all your fault for not leaving your keys and getting another job. Condescending, arrogant, and know it all,..If you have a choice to treat people like humans, I suggest you try it sometime.

  21. i agree, Airradio, that the escalating personal attacks and malicious gossip on this thread are sadly typical of radio discussion forums, everywhere. And reflects, a certain herd mentality within the main core of industry operators aka “the old boys club” that is both insidious and destructive.

    However, since this person known named “Ransom” has shown himself (twice) to be a rude and consistent moron to this writer, all further posts by him will be ignored by HWNN.

    By the way, I have taken the time to email Michael Easton and also, the fellow who runs the Okanagan Broadcasters site (Gord Landsdell) and and they both know who I am.

    To: Donald R, since you claim to be a resident of Coquitlam, your opinions, in my view, perhaps carry much more weight than the others.

    One of the pitfalls of this new site is that you can’t PM fellow posters like in the old days.

    (At the old site, all types of people contacted me, but apparently, on the new site. I have to give out my personal email address to the forum at large, as there is no “in-house” email, anymore ? )

    That is a REAL step backwards in my view ?

    I agree that the Tri-Towns communities McBride is supposed to serve (Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam) was let down and McBride appears as an unfit, incompetant manipulator of on air talent, as well.

    (Perhaps earlier in his career, McBride was f*cked over by his own bosses, so that. abusive behaviour is all that he understands today).

    McBride’s promises to the CRTC with respect to on air content and also, spoken word, such as local news, have not been fulfilled, either.

    There has been little or no local news or sports (of interest to local residents) at McBride’s CKPM radio station since the very beginning and all of his stations tend to be glorified juke boxes that contain little intelligent spoken word.

    Alex Tsakumis’s short lived talk show vainly attempted to fill that bill, but that failed miserably, as we all know what a jackass Tsakumis is. LOL

    – HWNN

  22. Don’t think any recognized broadcast school is charging $20 K anymore. $2,500 / semester at BCIT as of 2011.

    are you another “old in the tooth” retired broadcaster ready to kick off and never went to school either. LOL

    I did attend BCIT .

    When you factor in books, rent, food, transportation, etc. (not included with tuition) the TOTAL cost for the 2 year course is very close to 20,000 g’s. All government student loans must factor in rent and cost of living…

  23. I hate to have been one of many negative voices regarding the trials and tribulations of CKPM. I remember back when the licence was first announced, I shot an email to Mr. McBride congratulating him on becoming a radio station owner in my community and at that time, I asked if there was anything I could do as a volunteer, to help bring the station on line.

    He emailed response was polite and it told me that he would let me know once things began to pick up speed. I never heard from him again, however I did meet two of his supporters at the Blue Mountain Music Festival, where they had a tent set up, and talked for a long time about the focus of the new station. I really did think a good thing was coming to the Tri-cities.

    I am not sure when or how things went so very wrong as I am not in the business, but suffice it to say, the station has never reached it’s potential and that is too bad. I still tune in from time to time, but can honestly say that I cannot relate to much the station has to offer and with the revolving door of personalities, one never knows who is going to be on air.

  24. Every applicant to the CRTC is supposed to provide a detailed, seven year business plan outlining, specific programming promises, spoken word, and cash flow projections, etc.

    If you make a business plan, then do not execute that plan, then the business is sure to fail.

    This is a very logical assumption – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail !

    It seems very clear to me that Mr. McBride did not think out this radio station very well, either due to his own incompetance or else, his business advisors hung him to dry ?

    If his advisors hung him to dry, over and over, that could means that he is basically uncoachable, due to his own arrogance and/or chaotic personal problems.

    If you have a life filled with sheer chaos, (and some of you do?) then the radio business is not for you. You need to get your personal sh*t together first, then re-apply at a later date ?


  25. I’m “the Tofino DJ with the $10,000 settlement”. McBride was ordered to pay me $9,600 in unpaid commission by HRSDC after I singlehandedly operated his station for more than 5 years . He eventually paid it after having to be served a court order by a service agent… If you want to see a document let me know. PS I don’t value my career in broadcasting more than my sense of self worth or integrity


  26. Word on the street in the tricities that local chamber of commerce is kicking Mcbride out, station hasn’t streamed all month of may, most advertisers are gone only contra ones left. One client hasn’t paid in months coz he knows Mcbride can’t do anything but ads still on air. One volunteer at the station says Mcbride is moving his operation to Steveston until he can con someone else for more money.

  27. I just heard the online radio stream and it seems like they have fixed the problem. It’s very clear and you can actually hear what the people are saying.

  28. I like Matthew. I’d go for a beer with him at the drop of a hat. He gave me great advice and taught me a lot about good programming. I don’t know his business sense or lack of it from Adam, but I’d work for him if the opportunity presented itself.

    Just sayin.

  29. Hey guys,

    It has been a while since the last comment but i want to know what’s going on with CKPM. I use to listen regularly to a show called Headphone Heaven. The DJ behind that, I believe Mr. Wah, had an extraordinary talent when it came to music and you could tell he knew what he was talking about. I use to listen to that show and enjoyed it quite much. A while back I met these 2 staff members for CKPM at a golf tournament and had a quite swell chat with them. Just wanted to check in on how the station is going and if Matt is still “running” the station or if someone bought him over.

  30. Geoff Johnson, McBrides former Tofino Manager had to sue for $9,000.00 in commissions that Matthew kept.

    His former landlord, Tofino Fish Company is sueing for $25,000.00.

    McBride owes everyone, pays no one.

  31. Had interaction with r. McBride when he moved his fledging radio station to Port Moody.
    I am a radio jock from the Caribbean with Journalism credentials. I work as a free lance writer
    in travel.
    I made every effort to get him and his dj at the time to have a Caribbean radio program for one
    hour with music (reggae,soca,calypso and steelpans)
    Now that I look back I may have been able to help his bottom line.
    It is never too late my friend, I am still looking- call me: 604-209-5081


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