Why Politicians Covet Talk Radio Careers



May 6, 2014

A feature by Mark Leibovich in today’s (5/6) New York Times entitled Radio Killed The Political Star, discusses the ongoing trend of former politicians seeking new careers — and continuing public influence — as Talk radio hosts.

Mike Rogers

Citing the recent announcement by Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI) that he is retiring from DC politics for what is anticipated to be a new gig hosting a national radio show for Cumulus Media, Leibovich says he believes the move by Rogers (pictured) and others isn’t really all that surprising. “Successful brand identities in the House and on Talk radio have never before relied on such similar skill sets — there has never been so much politics in media and media in politics,” he writes. “It is only natural that the melding would become so complete that practitioners would simply jump from one world to the other.” Read the full Times article HERE.




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