Dianne Bankay Exits CKNW for News1130


news1130 logoWe’re hearing of yet another CKNW newsroom departure with Dianne Bankay crossing the street to Rogers News 1130. That’s 4 departures in the last 3 months. Allison Bailey & Martin McMahon both have gone to News 1130 & Jordan Armstrong left CKNW for Global TV a few weeks ago.


  1. Journalists used to flock to NW, now they are departing in droves. Four since January! Maybe the ratings in the last five years have stunted growth, and the mighty Corus Entertainment is not paying what it used to. You get what you pay for.

  2. Ms. Bankay does a great job of her ‘NW newscasts. She’ll be a fine addition over at News1130. But what exactly is going on over there on Ash Street? Where are all the slots for these ex-NWers coming from?


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