RIP Ex-CBC anchor Stanley Burke, Signing Off at age 93

After the loss of Knowlton Nash and George McLean over recent years, the ranks of the legendary Canadian anchors are severely depleted.

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Published on May 29, 2016 at 5:39 pm by boredop

CBC tops radio dial in Kelowna


The top radio station in Kelowna, according to the latest radio ratings book released this week, is once again CBC Radio 1, taking a strong lead in the market in the spring ratings book

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Forbes & Marshall Podcast finds Pat Thomas


after six months away from their radio jobs, the former Ocean morning couple. including Pat Thomas take to a podcast…

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SUNDAY in Broadcast History .. May 29th

michael j fox at 16

IT WAS MAY 29th … when the soon-to-be-popular daytime soap ‘When a Girl Marries’ debuted on CBS Radio. It moved to NBC in 1941 and to ABC in 1951 for a total run of 18 years….
When Allen Funt’s “Candid Camera,” which began on radio as “Candid Microphone,” debuted on NBC TV….
When 20-year-old Barbra Streisand made an appearance on CBS TV’s “The Garry Moore Show”…
..and when 16-year-old Michael J. Fox (pictured) made his professional acting debut in the CBC TV series “Leo and Me.”
ALL the milestones for the date INSIDE.

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Published on May 28, 2016 at 9:00 pm by Ron Robinson

Bell to Pay $12M in Rebates


The Competition Bureau began its investigation in 2012 and looked into whether Bell, Rogers, Telus and the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) made or allowed false or misleading advertising for premium text messaging services, like trivia questions and ring tones

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Former Fire Chief Demands Mars Water Bomber be Used


We could become another Fort Mc, says former Ladysmith fire chief. Talk Digital Network’s Jim Goddard of the Goddard Report talks with the former chief


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Sometimes FUNNY can cost you MONEY by Ryan Ghidoni


If funny was the key to selling, we’d be greeted by stand-up comedians in every appliance store, every open house, and every car dealership.

So here are five tips that will ensure your use of humour never undermines the effectiveness of your message.

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PROSALESGUY – How To Master The Six Steps of the B2B Sales Cycle


Our sales training clients in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary invest in the growth of their Salespeople to increase their sales

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Roundhouse Radio looking for Reporter/Anchor


Roundhouse Radio is looking for a full-time reporter/anchor with a hunger for news, on-air confidence and great storytelling skills

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Puget Sound Radio Job Opportunities Ads Relaunched


Puget Sound Radio is the most read radio board in Canada with over 2 million annual page views
On average we surpass 60,000 Sessions with over 30,000 ‘Unique’ monthly users (Source: Google Analytics)

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Joseph Planta Talks with Brian ‘Frosty’ Forst

Joseph offers us this rare interview with long time CKNW radio morning man Brian ‘Frosty’ Forst


Published on October 28, 2014 at 11:26 am by Greg Simpson

SATURDAY in Broadcast History .. May 28th


IT WAS MAY 28th … when The Temptations headlined CBS-TV’s Ed Sullivan Show, along with pop singers Robert Goulet and Jane Morgan …
When The Association made their TV debut on CBS’s ‘Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour’ …
When NBC announced that Brian Williams would succeed Tom Nrokaw as anchor of the network’s ‘Nightly News’ …
When Vancouver’s NW 2 AM 730 gave up its 15-months-long All-News radio battle with News 1130 ..
..and when bandleader Kevin Eubanks (pictured) left NBC’s ‘Tonight Show’ after 16 years of supporting Jay Leno.
ALL the milestones for May 28th INSIDE.

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Published on May 27, 2016 at 9:00 pm by Ron Robinson

They Did It. KPLU Is Saved


It only took The Friends of KPLU five months but they did it

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The Mystics have today’s almost forgotten track


I still love the sound of 50s vocal groups, doowop or otherwise…The Mystics were somewhere between traditional vocal groups and doowop but created this classic that, at the time, was so loved that even the Beach Boys covered it……

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Published on May 26, 2016 at 9:07 pm by Greg Simpson

FRIDAY in Broadcast History .. May 27th

frank sinatra

IT WAS MAY 27th … when Frank Sinatra (pictured) made his TV debut as he guested on NBC’s “Star-Spangled Review,” hosted by another show biz legend, Bob Hope…
When Toronto’s CHUM AM 1050 became the first Canadian fulltime top-40 radio station and published its first hit record chart…
When the final episodes of the sitcoms “Mork and Mindy,” “Punky Brewster” & “Bosom Buddies” aired on ABC-TV…
..and when Jim & Tammy Bakker appeared on ABC’s “Nightline” following their evangelical TV scandal.
ALL the milestones for the date INSIDE.

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