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Dean Blundell returns to Toronto radio


The Star asks Blundell if he’s homophobic….

Are you a homophobe?
No (laughs), absolutely not. And you know, it’s interesting, that’s been the hurtful part of this thing.

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Radioman Don Berns dead


he was a great talent and a good friend…totally unbelievable, in the best way, character. (Greg Simpson (CMW) Puget Sound Radio)

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CHEK Sports’ Mike Walker Booted over ‘Ownership Issue’


Mike has quite an interesting story .. a serious health challenge didn’t stop him from becoming the local baseball playbyplay guy.. and a CHEK sportscaster.

Come Inside, Read More and Watch the Video


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Saga has Today’s almost forgotten track


at home they were stars but nothing compared to their following in territories like Puerto Rico or Germany

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MONDAY in Broadcast History .. March 2nd

howard stern 2

Howard Stern (pictured) started broadcasting at WWDC Washington DC, where he developed his ‘shock jock’ format.
The Beatles’ next smash hit ‘Let it Be’ was previewed via film on CBS-TV’s Ed Sullivan Show.
‘The Barry Manilow Special’ aired on ABC-TV, attracting a viewership of 37 million.
The Supreme Court of Canada allowed its proceedings to be televised for the first time; a hearing on taxation.
And U2 began a five-night run on CBS’ Late Show With David Letterman.
Details and many more milestones for March 2nd INSIDE.

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Constitutional Rights PAC Chairman on FCC Decision


“A handful of unelected FCC leaders singlehandedly ‘decided’ the future of the American Internet – by a majority of three. This disgusting powergrab is totally at odds with liberty and the republican form of government.”

Read More Inside…


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Former CKNW Newsie George Garrett talks with Joseph Planta


‘His kindness and yes, old-fashioned gentlemanliness are as legendary as his industry and his insatiable curiosity
following 43 years in the business, most of which were spent at CKNW. George Garrett joins Joseph Planta Inside…


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Joseph Planta talks with Joe Leary


Joe Leary (Pictured) is Mr. Versatility… not just as a disc jockey, but a TV weatherman, a Journalist….

Come inside and enjoy this excellent interview…


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I heard it on the radio // 99pi, Lauren Hunter, Kiah and Tara Jean, Graham Mosimann

reel to reel

…. By Jeremy Baker February the 25th, 2010 . Hello radio nerds…back to “I Heard it on the Radio.” The weekly PSR post where I share a few radio bits that caught my ear. I guess we should start with the rebrands…. Sonic Vancouver and Jack Victoria are now KiSS. National branding done in front […]

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Victoria’s Jack FM Flips to KiSS 103.1


Something has been done to shake up the ratings cellar-dweller in the Capital.


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An Original Aircheck of Norm Edwards


The late Norm Edwards was also a late bloomer when it came to getting into broadcasting. 28 years old to be precise. Here he is behind the mic at CFJC Kamloops

Come Inside, Listen and enjoy these original airchecks of a very funny man…. Good Norm in the Morning!


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From MD at the Q 100.3 .. to GM for Rogers in BC: The Al Ford Story

Al_Ford (1)

Jim Blundell will retire from Rogers Radio March 1. Al Ford (pictured) will become GM for Rogers Radio in British Columbia effective upon Blundell’s departure.


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Drex on CKNW – Chemtrails, with guest Bill Vander Zalm/Plus Video of Spraying!


Video exposures of this invasion of our sky, world-wide.
and now the Canadian government admits it’s happening…
Read and listen to former Premier Bill Vander Zalm as he shares the documents he recently received from Environment Canada acknowledging what is going on… much More Inside


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Poll: Canadians Oppose CRTC on Super Bowl Ads Edict

courtesy BroadcasterMagazine.com  2015-03-02 A new Nanos survey for Bell Media released today suggests that Canadians by a margin of more than three to one would rather support Canadian broadcasters who have paid for the broadcast rights for the Super Bowl over the ability to watch U.S. commercials during the Super Bowl. Survey Highlights · Support […]

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SUNDAY in Broadcast History .. March 1st

duffy's tavern

The radio sitcom based in a bar ‘Duffy’s Tavern’ began its 10-year run.
Vancouver saw Canada’s first jazz radio station hit the airwaves in CJAZ FM92.1
CHQB AM 1280 signed on in Powell River BC.
Seattle-Tacoma’s channel 11 (then KTNT) began operations as an independent station.
The 150th episode of ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ aired on CBS-TV.
And The Beatles (on film) made their final appearance on CBS-TV’s Ed Sullivan Show.
Details and many more milestones for March 1st INSIDE.

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Leonard Nimoy’s Alberta Connection


Leonard Nimoy visited Vulcan Alberta
Residents said they expect an ongoing commemoration of Nimoy’s life that will continue to illuminate their town. More Inside….

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SATURDAY in Broadcast History .. Feb. 28th

paul harvey

A former favorite AM signal from Eastern Washington KHQ Spokane began broadcasting at 590 KHz.
The first basketball game to be televised was seen on only a handful of New York TV sets almost a decade before the so-called TV era began.
Some 125 million people were tuned in for the much anticipated finale of the TV series ‘M*A*S*H’ on CBS.
And the iconic ABC radio broadcaster Paul Harvey signed off for the final time, dying at age 90.
Details and many more milestones for Feb. 28th INSIDE.

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