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FRIDAY in Broadcast History .. May 29th

michael j fox at 16

IT WAS MAY 29th … when the popular daytime soap opera When a Girl Marries was first heard on CBS Radio. It moved to NBC in 1941 and to ABC in 1951 for a total run of 18 years….
When Allen Funt’s “Candid Camera,” which began on radio as “Candid Microphone,” debuted on NBC TV….
When 20-year-old Barbra Streisand made an appearance on CBS TV’s “The Garry Moore Show”…
..and when 16-year-old Michael J. Fox (pictured) made his professional acting debut in the CBC TV series “Leo and Me.”
ALL the milestones for the date INSIDE.

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Evidence Revealed: Voltair Improves PPM Ratings


For months now, NTS MediaOnline Today has been following the ongoing controversy over the accuracy of Nielsen Audio’s PPM ratings system, and a box called Voltair that reportedly helps overcome alleged deficiencies in PPM.

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Lethbridge Radio Ratings… Spring 2015

Country 95.5 continues atop A 12+, but Classic Hits CJOC is charging hard, moving into 2nd place,

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Winnipeg Radio Ratings .. Spring 2015

CJOB slips to 2nd behind CBC Radio One A 12+, whille the Jets playoff run benefits TSN 1290.

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Red Deer Radio Ratings… Spring 2015

KRAZE 101.3 was the big winner in the past 12 months, rising from #6 to #1 A 12+. Falling off almost as dramatically was KG Country, as well as rocker Zed 98.9.

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Regina Radio Ratings .. Spring 2015

Z99 and CBK Radio One consolidated their spots atop the A 12+ chart, while 104.9 The Wolf took a horrendous tumble.

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Kelowna Radio Ratings… Spring 2015

Country 100.7 took a big tumble in the A 12+ chart, as did 99.9 Sun FM. But it was a great book for Power 104 and News 1150.

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Saskatoon Radio Ratings .. Spring 2015

C 95 still well out on top A 12+, but Rock 102 is gaining on them.

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Kamloops Radio Ratings… Spring 2015

CBC’s Radio One didn’t add audience in rising to top spot, but longtime market leader Newstalk radio NL tumbled down to 2nd place. Only big winner in the past year was B 100, ‘Kamloops’ at work station.’

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Prince George Radio Ratings .. Spring 2015

CBC Radio One made big gains, 99.3 The Drive was the big loser.

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Victoria Radio Ratings … Spring 2015

CBC Radio One still on top A12+….98.5 The Ocean posted solid gains.


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Boz Scaggs has today’s almost Forgotten track


Boz Scaggs recorded a blues album for Atlantic, famously featuring an undiscovered Duane Allman

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THURSDAY in Broadcast History .. May 28th

dave thomas

IT WAS MAY 28th … when The Temptations headlined CBS-TV’s Ed Sullivan Show, along with pop singers Robert Goulet and Jane Morgan …
When The Association made their TV debut on CBS’s “Smothers Bro

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We’re In the Golden Age of TV. So Why Not the Golden Age of Radio


More companies are producing television content, while fewer are producing radio content. Seth Resler opines.


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Mobile customers can now bargain like never before


While the change is not news to the industry – it was announced in December 2013, the beginning of carriers offering a maximum of two year contracts – there is anecdotal evidence, according to Business News Network, that carriers are willing to negotiate some unprecedented deals with high-value customers leading up to June 3.

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A Kardashian Stumbles Upon a Chemtrail


She claims to see “75 planes spraying white stuff into the sky on her 15 minute drive to work.” (Kylie Jenner)… Much More Inside…


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At the BCAB Convention with PSR’s Donovan Tildesley


“It has been 36 hours of fantastic situations of learning at the BCAB.
… We saw speaker after speaker, presentation after presentation, and a
few panels, that presented us with tons of information, tons of
challenges, tons of opportunities to go back to our business … and
think about it possibly in a different light”. – James Stewart (Pictured left), BCAB

Our very own Donovan Tildesley was not only a guest speaker at this years event, but provides us with this report…


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Six Unusual Complaints Filed Against Telecom Companies to the CRTC


Consumers lodged hundreds of complaints against telecom companies between January and August of 2013. Here are six of the more unusual complaints, obtained by The Canadian Press through an Access to Information request

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PROSALESGUY – Five Steps To Get Your Sales Proposals Accepted

Sales Proposal

A vital part of the sales cycle for B2B Salespeople rests on the creation and presentation of the sales proposal.  Based on the true needs of your client, the proposal is the culmination of the hard work, patience, and talent of the Salesperson.  When crafted with skill and diligence, your written proposal has the ability […]

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BCAB Awards of Excellence 2015

BCAB2015Headervs2small-website_000 (1)

For more than 50 years, the BCAB has been recognizing the “Best in Province” for radio and television commercials, station imaging, community service and news reporting.

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CFAX’s James Gardner in Long Queue for Transgender Surgery

There’s only one sex-change clinic in Canada . courtesy CTVNews.ca Staff Published Thursday, May 28, 2015 . The public’s understanding about transgender issues has grown in recent years, thanks in part to people like former U.S. Olympian Bruce Jenner coming forward. But while awareness is growing in Canada, so are the waiting lists for surgery. […]

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