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Research Director Inc., PPM Exclusive March ’23 Analysis For Seattle-Tacoma

The Ratings Experts from RESEARCH DIRECTOR, INC. – along with our partners in data from XTRENDS – are back to analyze and comment on the Sturm und Drang of the MARCH survey.

Seattle-Tacoma PPMs for December 2022

Christmas music bring top spots in the Seattle-Tacoma market with KRWM at #1 with 11.,3 and KSWD (Sound) coming in 2nd with 7.2, followed by NewsTalk KIRO-Fm placing 3rd

KISW-FM Moves Into First Place in the Seattle-Tacoma PPMs…

In this current Seattle-Tacoma PPMs, Rocker KISW gains the Number One spot, followed by NewsTalk KIRO-FM and in Third place Alternative KEXP-FM...

Seattle/Tacoma PPMs

KIRO-FM holds onto the top spot, followed by KUOW-FM with KISW-FM coming in third place...

Seattle Radio PPM Analysis & Demo Leaders .. Jan. 2018

A great book for KISW 99.9 which replaces Movin' 92.5 as the leader in all demo breakouts.

KUOW 94.9 (NPR) Grows Atop Seattle 6+ PPM Radio Book

KISW 99.9 continues its year-long climb, landing in a tie for 3rd with Warm 106.9, just behind Movin' 92.5 in 2nd.

Seattle-Tacoma PPM Radio Ratings … June 2015

MOVIN' 92.5 continues atop the 6+ chart. Country's 100.7 The Wolf jumps up into 2nd.

Seattle PPM Analysis & Demo Leaders from Research Director Inc.

MOVIN' 92.5 won for the fifth straight survey (6.6-6.9) and extended its lead over ENTERCOM Active Rock KISW, which remained mired in second place (6.0-5.8). CBS RADIO Classic Rock KZOK announced its presence with authority as it moved up three places to #3 with its best score in over a year (4.9-5.6).

Movin’ 92.5 Continues to Grow Atop Seattle PPM’s; KIRO AM &...

Movin' 92.5 consolidates its #1 status. KZOK continues to freefall.

Seattle-Tacoma Radio PPM Ratings .. June 2014

The two Hubbard Radio properties swapped places in the June 2014 Seattle-Tacoma PPM. Soft AC Warm KRWM-FM 106.9 moved up to first spot with a 6.3 share, while CHR MOViN KQMV-FM 92.5 dropped to second with 5.9. AC Spirit KCMS-FM 105.3 came in third with a 4.8 market share.