Research Director Inc., PPM Exclusive March ’23 Analysis For Seattle-Tacoma


by Steve Allan

Research Director Inc.

All Access

April 20, 2023

The Ratings Experts from RESEARCH DIRECTOR, INC. – along with our partners in data from XTRENDS – are back to analyze and comment on the Sturm und Drang of the MARCH survey. We bring you the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat – all in less than 3,000 words. What a deal! This particular survey ran from MARCH 2ND through MARCH 29TH. As previously noted, but worth repeating, this book featured the time change many mispronounce, the beginning of the season of renewal, a saintly celebration of drinking, and the holy holiday of Ramadan. This is where our story begins…


Two books ago iHEARTMEDIA Classic Hits KJEB (95.7 THE JET) rocketed to #1 6+. Then last month, it taxied back to #2. This time the station landed its largest share in over a year (5.9-7.2) to zoom back to #1. However, it was being pursued by an apex predator. AUDACY Country KKWF (100.7 THE WOLF) also had its largest share in over a year to lope from a tie at #7 to #2 (5.0-7.1). Just two surveys ago, it was hunkered down at #11. Last survey’s leader was iHEARTMEDIA Classic Rock KZOK. It slipped to #3 (6.5-6.2). UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON N/T KUOW remained at #4 with its first down book since DECEMBER (5.5-5.1). It was forced to share as AUDACY AC KSWD (94.1 THE SOUND) also moved up from that #7 tie (5.0-5.1). BONNEVILLE Talk KIRO had its smallest share in over a year as it dipped to #6 (5.4-4.8). FRIENDS OF KEXP Alternative KEXP had its least productive outing since AUGUST (5.6-4.3) as it fell from #3 into a tie at #8 with HUBBARD Top 40/M KQMV (MOViN’ 92.5) (4.1-4.3). KJEB maintained cume control with an 11.8% increase (541,000-604,900). The market shrank by 0.2%.

Posting its best score since SEPTEMBER fueled KJEB’s rise from #4 to #1 25-54. This ended the two-book run at #1 for KEXP, which stepped down to #2. KQMV repeated at #3 with a small increase, while KKWF leapt five spaces to #4 with – once again – its best book in over a year. AUDACY Rhythmic AC KHTP (HOT 103.7) stood alone at #5 with a slight increase, while AUDACY Active Rock KISW dropped from #2 to #6. iHEARTMEDIA Top 40/M KBKS (HITS 106.1) slid from a tie at #5 into a tie at #7 with KIRO and KZOK.

There was a bit of drama in the 18-34 ranks. KEXP lost a good portion of last month’s huge increase yet still had enough left in the tank to move up to #1. It held about a half share lead over two stations that moved up to forge a tie at #2. KQMV had been at #5 but received its largest share since AUGUST. KJEB soared up the chart from #14 as it more than doubled its previous number. KKWF improved from #9 to #4 with, yup, its highest mark in over a year. Last month KZOK was #1 with a double-digit share. This time the station dropped to #5 where it was in cahoots with KUOW and KHTP. KISW saw its four-book surge grind to a halt as it dropped from #3 to #8.

KJEB had its best 18-49 book in over a year as it moved up four slots to #1 for the first time since NOVEMBER. KQMV improved its lot from #4 to #2 with its third up book in a row. KEXP ended its two-book run in the top spot and landed at #3 with its lowest score since NOVEMBER. KKWF advanced three places to #4. For perspective, a year ago the station was sitting at #19. KISW slipped to #5 with its lowest share in over a year. KZOK fell to #6 as it returned most of last month’s huge share increase. It was tied with KHTP.

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