Friday, May 24, 2024

On Air Talent by Paul Kaye

Control stifles creativity and growth by Paul Kaye

Creativity is the edge your organization needs to remain competitive and to grow. Creativity can only exist when people are trusted, free of judgment and encouraged to experiment. Paul Kaye (Pictured)

1 part science, 2 parts art by Paul Kaye

For years programmers have handed down the same playbook on how to build winning morning shows. We have treated this like we were handing down biblical stories through generations

Heritage — It’s Such A Misunderstood Concept!

People confuse longevity with heritage. This is the most common mistake and it's fatal. A brand being in the market for a long time isn't the same as having heritage.

Are You Hungry? by Paul Kaye

It is my belief that the level of hunger -- in part -- can correlate to how quickly you can build and grow your business

“Once Upon A Time …” The Importance Of Storytelling by Paul...

The basics of every story involves someone who is trying to do something (the protagonist) and someone who tries to keep them from doing it (the antagonist). Every story needs to be built around these fundamentals

Talent Should Know This (Part 2) by Paul Kaye

Before talent can grow they have to master the fundamentals. That means understanding their importance and consistently putting them into practice. Execute the fundamentals with precision and you stand a better chance to be heard. Unfortunately the fundamentals aren’t always evident when you turn on a station.

Talent Should Know This : by Paul Kaye

I believe that radio has a future and already has some potentially great talent. The challenge - or so it seems to me - is that we haven't prioritized talent development

Why Teams Fail by Paul Kaye

A leader's number one priority should be to build a great team. I believe that this is the most important area to judge the ability of any leader; the quality and effectiveness of the team they build.

How to Communicate Effectively by Paul Kaye

Crafting effective communication takes time. It’s easy to just talk. Anyone can open their mouths and let the sounds fall out. The result is often little more than noise that meanders aimlessly; comparable to a chicken running around with its head cut off – pure chaos

Perseverance Separates Winners From Losers by Paul Kaye

If you talk to anyone who has achieved a significant goal you’ll hear a tale of someone who had to rebound from setback after setback and muster up the courage to take on unforeseen challenges. (Paul Kaye)