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Dick Curtis Memories

Odds & Ends-2 by Dick Curtis

We went on to produce many of those types of shows with national headliners appearing along with several local acts. The Beach Boys, Little Stevie Wonder, Jan & Dean, The Righteous Brothers, Roy Orbison, Bobby Vinton with H. B. Barnum conducting a 25 piece orchestra and on and on... Picture: Dick Curtis and the late Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys

Bob Dylan Tales-5 with Dick Curtis

Dylan, his band and 80,000 fans at Nuremberg – July 1, 1978 as the times unfolded, Dick Curtis shares his time as tour manager of Bob Dylan.... enjoy...

Bob Dylan Tales-3 (Downunder in Aussieland) by Dick Curtis

Our friend Dick Curtis, Seattle radio icon/promotor who became road manager for Frank Sinatra, then tour manager for Bob Dylan with today's 3 rd parter..... The Eagles are coming up.... Enjoy...

Sinatra Stories-3 by Seattle Radio Icon/Promotor Dick Curtis

Seattle radio icon and heavy duty promoter Dick Curtis presents the 3rd of 3 articles detailing his life as Frank Sinatra's road manager.... his next assignment is Bob Dylan...

Sinatra Stories-2 by Seattle Radio radio man Dick Curtis

Seattle radio icon Dick Curtis shares the stories about his life, not just as one of Seattle’s most popular disc jockeys at KJR in the 60′s and 70′s, but the teaming up with another radio icon Pat O’Day in the promotion and management of bands in the Pacific Northwest and Nationally eventually creating the iconic Concerts West....this is part two of Dicks story with Frank Sinatra. Coming up Bob Dylan.... and much more in this 12 series feature on Puget Sound Radio. Thanks Dick!

Sinatra Stories-1 by Dick Curtis

One of my all time favourite Seattle radio personalities, and NewsGuy Dick Curtis joined up with Pat O'Day in the 60's to form Concerts West, a giant in the entertainment industry