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Change Of Batter, Cyber Attack, Cuban Missile Crisis Narratives Building, Eric For The Win – X22 Report

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.

Dr. Naomi Wolf Responds to UK Media Regulator OfCom

Senator Victor Oh Retires In Wake Of Foreign Interference Report, by Brad Salzberg

George Clooney’s Foundation to Issue Arrest Warrant Requests for Journalists Whose Reports Favor Russia

“When writing functions as a big-time sleeping pill”, by Jon Rappoport

New Podcast 15 min with Dr. William Makis

Life can change in an instant because of a natural disaster, a seasonal storm, job loss, some new disease or even the political statements of a far off nation – Let’s get you ready!  Briden Solutions and The Lifeline Plan – Simplifying Emergency Preparedness.

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