Global News lays off employees in Alberta, British Columbia


Cuts come after Rogers snagged Warner Bros. Discovery rights from Corus


CBC News

June 12, 2024

More than two dozen people in Alberta and British Columbia have been let go from their jobs at Global News this week, with its parent company placing blame on “the current economic and regulatory reality” for media organizations.

Twenty-five positions were cut in Western Canada, CBC News has confirmed. Thirteen were in Calgary, eight were in Edmonton, one was in Vancouver and three were in Lethbridge.

“It’s devastating to see them go. They’re professional journalists and a lot of them have worked there a long time and this industry can’t afford to lose more journalists right now,” said Randy Kitt, director of media at Unifor, in an interview.

“These are real people with families and their jobs that are so desperately needed in this country,” he continued. “There should be supports for journalism that support these people and they’re not there. That’s the tragedy in in this.”

Global News spokesperson Anna Arnone said the move comes as part of an ongoing evaluation of its business and an efficiency review across Corus.

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  1. An easy way to save money is to get rid of that silly traffic helicopter in Edmonton. This thing circles over our homes for 30 minutes in advance of their 30 second live segment just to show some men digging a hole. Have they never heard of RECORDING footage and playing it back? Do we need to see LIVE footage of these men digging a hole? Would it not be cheaper to use the city’s traffic cameras to report on traffic? Would it not be cheaper to rent space on buildings to install your own traffic cameras?

  2. Man, what a ride watching global since she opened shop in Edmonton. One if only 2 news show I will watch with CFRN (CTV). Bummer…

  3. Better question to the helicopter question is why digging a hole is even news worthy, oh ya, you said it was in Edmonton. Ok, I get it now.


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