Adam Stirling: Bell Media’s Depressed CFAX 1070 Talk Radio Host Losing Listeners Fast (Comments)

CFAX mid morning taker Adam Stirling


By Gabriel Sinduda

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April 8, 2022

Given that we are now seeing the tail end of vaccine and mask mandates, and that there is now, more than ever, expressed hesitancy in the public, we could expect nothing less from Adam Stirling, the morning talk show host for Bell Media’s CFAX 1070 radio station out of Victoria, not to relent but to ramp up his disingenuous and misleading messaging. Indeed, that is in keeping with the modus operandi of the disturbed mind that fuels this man’s chattering mouth.

Occasional listeners know that Adam Stirling’s schtick hinges on building and pitting resentment in his middling class Island listeners to dump on those more tenuous living citizens who are actually impoverished and/or homeless. Likewise he will pit high emotion (“They are killing innocent people with knives!”) against concerted reason (e.g. What conditions are spurring the street crime?).

He also takes personal issue with environmental activists, and is fond of making claims that every activist on the front lines of conservation efforts is a paid political prop. Throughout the Fairy Creek Blockade movement, for instance, he did all that he could to convince his listeners that such protests were illegitimate and should be shut down. Generally speaking, his job is to promote divisions and hatred among his listeners, and to defend conservative, corporate principles over more humane directions and interests.

By the way, this is his public image, but he really looks more like the cover image, above. Even his visual profile is erratic:

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  1. I don’t know Mr. Sterling nor have I ever listened to him but the author of the article appears to know zero about good talk radio. The most important being: he/she MUST have an opinion, and stick to it. Whether Mr. Sterling has done sufficient research to formulate his opinion is not the issue. That’s for the listeners to decide. My point and advice to all talk radio hosts is: get a spine. In Vancouver, they’re all wishy-washy and glowing over their guests with zero opinion for fear of being criticized. So I’ll give that much to Mr. Sterling.

  2. My wife & I found Adam Stirling to be unlistenable—this guy is ‘out there.’ Victoria does not need such unreasonableness on the air, making Victoria’s civic/societal issues even worse.

  3. The author of this article is exactly right about Mr Stirling and his inflammatory style. I used to be a daily listener to CFAX 1070, but I cannot listen for more than 30 seconds without changing the station when he is on air. On multiple occasions last year he stated he would drag unvaccinated individuals out of their homes, hold them down and force them to be vaccinated in front of their neighbours just to show them who’s the boss. I don’t care what your view is on covid vaccinations, this is disgusting behaviour to be advocating on air. No wonder our society is so divided. Its due to individuals who hold positions of power and privilege like Adam Stirling who abuse it with seemingly no recourse for their actions.

  4. Title mentions that he is losing of listeners. No proof or even a mention of this in the article. Can the author please provide his reference to confirm this. Thanks.

    • Jeffrey, We just checked the link, and that site, “Not Your CBC” is no longer online. If memory serves, what was in the link, the author was referencing to that time period of the Numeris radio rankings. By the way, Numeris PPMs and the Diary are no longer available for publication. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. Mr. Stirling was a major mouthpiece for Big Pharma and the mRNA injection campaign.
    From the evidence of accelerated cancers skyrocketing and a myriad of depopulation and neural degeneration alarms ringing over the globalists agenda that Stirling served and promoted the man should be held to account.
    What he did was despicable and immoral.


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