Bloodbath at Lotus’ KNWN NewsRadio 1000/97.7 (Formerly KOMO) Seattle


by Jason Remington


November 14, 2023

Will the last person leaving KNWN radio, please turn out the lights!
The October Nielsen ratings show KNWN Radio has been struggling with a 2.2 audience rating, compared to KUOW at 7.6.

Now, this…

Radio Insight reports “as many as nine staffers have exited the station, mostly in reporter and producer roles as the company ‘looks to streamline operating expenses.’”

Those confirmed as shown the door include Carleen Johnson, a 25-year veteran reporter who first joined KOMO/Fisher in 1998. She writes on X (Twitter), “Friends, I no longer work at KNWN (formerly KOMO) radio. After more than 25-years I’m off to unknown new endeavors…

Also out is veteran reporter Corwin Haeck, who noted on Facebook that all reporter positions were eliminated:

“Well, whatta ya know. Friday marks my last day as a radio news reporter. I had been planning to retire sometime in the coming months, but had not yet announced it. Instead, the station made the decision for me…by LAYING ME OFF along with every other reporter on staff! I kid you not. After 19.5 years and two ownership changes, they’ve sent me packing. Jeez…where’s my gold watch?”

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