WLS 89 Chicago – Dick Biondi – May 2nd, 1962 – Radio Aircheck


Courtesy of Robert Nicholson

Richard Orlando Biondi[1] (September 13, 1932 – June 26, 2023) was an American Top 40 and oldies disc jockey. Calling himself The Wild I-tralian,[2] he was one of the original “screamers,” known for his screaming delivery as well as wild antics on and off the air.[3][4] In a 1988 interview, Biondi said he had been fired 23 times, with both fits of temper and jokes gone wrong part of the tally.[4][5] Over many years and many frequencies, Dick’s closing line was, “God bless, bye, bye, Duke. Thanks a million for dialing our way

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