Corus reveals 15% cut in workforce, TV ad revenue set for strike-related slump



October 27, 2023

Doug Murphy

Canadian broadcast group Corus Entertainment on Friday said it has reduced its headcount by 15% over the course of the year as it contends with a challenging advertising market, an increase in mandated spending on local programming and the ongoing impact of the strikes in the US.

Over the summer, the Toronto-based company disclosed it had reduced its headcount by 8%, but president and CEO Doug Murphy told analysts during a year-end financial call that it had nearly doubled that amount given the scale of the headwinds facing the business.

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  1. Wow…read the full release. Not looking good for Corus, or for that matter, any of the big players. Lots of jobs at stake, and with shareholders holding the bag, I would be refreshing my resume or considering a career change.

  2. That’s why the newer news announcers and reporters are such poor announcers with very few exceptions, and the veterans are holding the fort. You get what you pay for, it’s obvious by the quality that the pay is low.

    • I agree with you, Alex. The newer ones mumble and I cringe each time I hear the number two pronounced as “tew” and Vancouver as “Vancuever,”

  3. This is rather unfortunate. However, when you look at how CKNW has deteriorated over the years, the results are perfectly understandable.


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