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Just Played Their “CARD”, Big Fail, Game Over, Speaker Was The Target – X22 Report

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.
BC Conservative MLA Bruce Banman in Abbotsford standing up for BC Schools

Ep. 34 – Tucker on X – Of all of Biden’s crimes, backing the Ukrainian government as it throws priests in jail may be the most revealing

Why Doesn’t Alberta Have The Elected Involved Directly In the Pension Issue Not A Former Now Unelected Friendly Politician . It’s A Mighty Big Decision !

Why Would Canada Have World’s Most Extreme Euthanasia Program?, by Brad Salzberg

Bob Kudla – The FED Is Ready To Make A Move That Will Have An Effect On Gold & Bitcoin

New Zealand Is a Crime Scene: 30 Out of 30 People Vaccinated in One Clinic Are Now Dead



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