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[DS] Pushing Everything, Division, Distraction, War, Approach Looks Good, Call The Ball – X22 Report

New Zealand politician Blows the whistle on the Covid Jabs… hundreds of thousands have died already…

NZ Politician Calls for Full-Blown Criminal Investigation into COVID Vaccine Deaths

Ep 33 Tucker on X  October 24th… is the U.S. going war?

Ep. 33: Tucker Carlson: Looks like we’re actually going to war with Iran. Are we ready for this?

Is Pierre Poilievre the answer to government Canada? Better check this video out before making you decision. Yes, there really is an answer to conservatives looking to place their votes in the next federal election. It’s the Peoples Party of Canada. Check out their platform HERE

Pierre Poilievre WEF world economic forum deep state corrupt politican


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