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Fake News, Actors, [DS] Panicking, World Wide Alert, This Is How It Begins – X22 Report

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.

The “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” Mystery Has Been Solved! – Dr. William Makis MD

Buried By Media: Justin Trudeau’s Systemic Attack On Christian Canada, by Brad Salzberg

Jim Jordan To Back Empowering Interim Speaker Patrick McHenry

TURBO CANCER – TESTICULAR Cancer – Young age, chemo failure, spreads post testicular surgery, worse recurrences, poor prognosis – Features of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Testicular Turbo Cancer – 40 Cases

BREAKING: RINOS WIN! Jim Jordan Withdraws from Current Speaker’s Race – Pledges to Support McCarthy Ally Patrick McHenry as Interim Speaker for ‘Three Months’

Ontario Man Files $35.6 Million Lawsuit Against Pfizer Over Son’s Vaccine Death, by Jonathan Bradley

Israeli boy featured in COVID vaccine campaign dies of heart attack at age 8



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