Ted Farr Promos Still Running on AM1150 Kelowna


From: Pete D—-
Subject: Ted Farr Promos Still Running on AM1150 Kelowna

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I don’t know if this is newsworthy or not but it’s appalling to me that AM1150 in Kelowna continues to air promos and identifications mentioning Ted Farr. For example, “Kelowna’s Information Station featuring the most experienced news team in the Okanagan including Phil Johnson, Ted Farr, etc”.

The man died almost a week ago, the station employed him and doesn’t have the decency to remove the station materials that feature his name. Nor did they even cover Mr. Farr’s death in their news or on their websites. I’ve heard them two or three times today (October 12). He died October 7.

Bell Media should not own radio stations. They simply do not care. For all I know, Kelowna may not even have any local staff at the Bell operation. There was no news stories posted what so ever on their website between October 6-11 (not one story!).

Canadian media is in a sad state of affairs.


  1. If this story is true, then it is a very sad state of affairs with some local radio stations? It is very insensitive to feature a deceased staff member in the promotions. Perhaps, as the writer suggests, the station is being run remotely as a satellite. Has he telephoned the station? Does it have a local telephone number?


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